Dopers Unite! Save a women's program!

Hey Dopers! This has been cleared by SkipMagic.

You may remember a few years ago I posted a request for medical supplies for a ministry my church has in San José, Costa Rica. You were phenomenally generous and we collected TONS of thermometers and anti-biotic ointments, which were distributed to poor families in a neighborhood called Pavas.

This neighborhood is plagued by gang violence. The same trip when we took down the Dopers’ medical supplies, we were robbed at gunpoint (about 1/2 way down our short-lived blog). The kids are what we call “virtual” orphans because their fathers are mostly absent, and their mothers are on drugs, prostituting, or working too many hours if they are able to find work. We go down and visit 2 or 3 times a year to work with the folks in the church. The church in Pavas, called Iglesia el Pesebre (Church of the Manger), is truly the only bright spot in a dark, dangerous neighborhood.

When we go we stay at a women’s ministry called CEDEPCA. CEDEPCA is an umbrella organization that supports various ministries in Central America. You can read more about them in HERE. . (The picture on the top left of the woman in orange playing guitar is Rebeca, who leads the efforts in Costa Rica.) One of the tenets of CEDEPCA is to, “Promote the dignity and self-esteem of women; work to eliminate violence against women”.

The ladies who work for CEDEPCA there are doing amazing things for women. Unfortunately violence against women is very prevalent. Many women accept it as part of life. Rebeca and her comrades instill in these women that they are beautiful creations worthy of respect and dignity. They offer shelter from violence if needed. They offer education and job training so these women can learn to be independent. The women become self-sufficient. Rebeca has an incredible 120 women in 8 different classes right now.

CEDEPCA is the reason for this post. We all know that economic times are hard. They say when the US economy gets a cold, the central american economies get pneumonia. Rebeca has just found out that her funding from CEDEPCA has been drastically cut. She is in danger of losing the building she rents to teach these classes and shelter the women.

We need to raise $2,000. If you want to be part of this woman-affirming ministry, if you want to really make a change in the lives of women in an impoverished part of the world, consider making a contribution.

You should know the program is openly Christian, but progressive and affirming of women.

Should you choose to contribute, please send a check to my church at:

Walnut Grove Baptist Church
7046 Cold Harbor Road
Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Please write CEDEPCA in the memo. If you feel like contributing, please post here to keep the thread alive and encourage others. It is not necessary to post the amount unless you feel you want to.

The funds will be handled by the church office. I will never see your information and you will receive documentation of your tax-deductible gift for your 2009 taxes.

We are going back in July. You are welcome to join us!

Please ask any questions that you have. If you would like I will give you my phone number in a private message.



Do you accept payment other than checks? I would very much like to contribute, but the fees for preparing a check in a foreign currency are a bit prohibitive (and I imagine the fees for processing a check in pounds would be the same for you!).

I’ll get something in the mail tomorrow.


We don’t have a Paypal account or way of accepting credit cards. If there is enough interest, I may get one set up.

I work for a bank, so if you mail a check in Pounds, I can convert it here for a minimal fee.

Also worth noting…100% of your contribution goes directly to CEDEPCA.

Righto! In that case, I’ll put a British check in the mail ASAP, if you think that’s the best way to do the conversion.

I think you should set up a PayPal account if possible. I am very quick to click a couple of links and part with my money (especially this year for some reason), but I am just too damn lazy to find my checkbook, write a check, write up an envelope, put a stamp on and trot it out to the mailbox.

Plus, with PayPal, one can pay with a credit card. That way, “it’s free”!

I am looking into getting a Paypal Donate button added to our website. It could be a few days, but I will keep you posted. THANKS!

Even better… I’ll stay tuned for that.

Yeah if this thread drops or something, please PM me once your PayPal is ready. I’ll definitely have a donation for ya!

I don’t have a checkbook, getting a check requires a trip to the bank in person (I can only do it on saturday) and getting a cashier’s check. Is there another way available?

Sorry but checkbooks just are rare outside of the US nowadays.

Thanks for all of the interest in this thread and in PMs. I am hopeful that this may just work out…

We hope to have the Paypal button on the website by next week. Working within an organization like a sizeable church, these things take time. I am very far removed from the financial and banking aspects of the church, so others are handling it.

When it is done, what would be appropriate? To post it in this thread or start a new one with a link to this thread and the Paypal button?




I’d say post here–people like me who search on their own posts will find it, and it will bump it up to the top for news audiences.

Hey folks! I just got word that we have received several checks from Dopers!


The Paypal button is still a work in progress, and I will update you as soon as it is up and ready!



I hate to wait for PayPal if you want to know sooner than later how you’re doing…I’ll put something in the mail tomorrow, this time for real! :slight_smile:

Does the “Reproductive Health” part of their ministry mean you’re providing abortions or abortion funding?


No. Reproductive health in this context means eduction that teaches that they are soverign over their own bodies and do not have to submit to the will of a man.

It does help women identify and obtain preventative birth control should they choose. This is always encouraged to be within a committed relationship.

FWIW, in my experience with them, none of this has ever come up. The ministries help women escape, usually after being assaulted, an abusive relationship. It then reeducates them that they are beautiful creations worthy of dignity, then moves on to help them develop the skills to be self sufficient so that they are financially self reliant.

I am leaving right now for a “meeting” about getting the Paypal button. Establishing it for a non-profit has been…let’s just say, fun…


I expect it to be up within a week.


Whew. My check is in the mail (no, really!) and I hadn’t noticed the possibility of abortion funding. Glad to hear it’s not part of the mission.

I think I can totally support this, even though I am not a Christian. Can you accept a Canadian cheque?

If you send a Canandian Cheque, we will gladly deposit it, even though it may take a while to clear your bank.

However we will have out Paypal button up next week, and that may be more convenient for you. I will be posting a link to it in this thread when it is ready.



So, how’s the effort going?