Dopers, WebCams on Thanksgiving!

I thought it would be fun to have users here [Dopers?] have URLs for their web cams on Thanksgiving. If you have a webcam/video cam, etc connected to your computer but don’t have any idea how to get it on the net then just visit for now. The free software there [1.47megs] does it all for you. PLus, get a really fast 3 frames per second or more. I tried it with a video camera & also a Connectix type camera & its extremely easy.

Usually I wouldn’t refer to a web site. But when you run this software it finds your camera, creates a web page on their server, & does it all for you automatically, so even a deaf person could figure it out :slight_smile:

Mine’s going to be pointed at the stairs of our local post office. So, those with cameras, give it a shot & let us know where we can see it, if you dare.