Dopers who are "out"

No, not sexually. I mean those of you who have shared your real name. I just noticed that Colibri is out, and I thought: I wonder what that’s like. So I think I’ll ask a few questions.

Why’d you choose to out yourself?
Has there been a big difference since you were out?
Do you ever wish you weren’t?
Have you ever worried about people stalking you or stealing your identity?
And, finally, are you annoyed by someone asking this stuff? :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously, don’t answer if it annoys you. And if there’s a problem with me asking, I don’t mind the mods closing on me. I’m just a curious fellow.

I had my hand up, ready to be counted . . . until I read the OP.

Why’d you choose to out yourself? It was appropriate to the thread (IE: comforting a bereaved member)
Has there been a big difference since you were out? No
Do you ever wish you weren’t? No
Have you ever worried about people stalking you or stealing your identity? No, but maybe I should now
And, finally, are you annoyed by someone asking this stuff? No, I find it amusing

Well, Cecil sort of did that. Anyway, I have had Staff Reports published under both my real name and username.

No. I’ve been “out” nearly since I joined over nine years ago.

Since I live in Panama, there’s not too much concern about stalkers. I’m not aware of another Doper within hundreds of miles.

Yes. :wink:

It was pretty much inevitable when I decided to talk about the book. The History Channel appearance clinched it.

I made my name apparent in the early days of the SDMB when I put a link to my web page in my sig. Newer people probably don’t know it, but there are plenty who do.

I also link to my blog. I don’t put my name on the board, but it’s pretty easy to find out who I am.

Why did I do it? Because I was used to BBSs where everyone knew your real name and, frankly, I wanted to publicize my fiction. I’m a bit more circumspect now, but my nom de net – used not only here but elsewhere – has plenty of hints and even out-and-out mentions of who I am.

Nobody ever notices me out there either.

Eh. If I share anything about what I do, my real name becomes very easy to determine. It’s a small town, and I’m not shy. I don’t say anything here I’m not willing to have read aloud in church, so what’s the big deal?

Besides, I wanted feedback on my speech. :smiley:

Occasionally a topic comes up that I have written articles about in my blog (e.g. “How to make a basic NAS in Ubuntu Linux”), so rather than be all secretive about it I just link to the blog article.

I try to avoid posting stuff I would not want read by colleagues and family. I post under the assumption that anyone I know could stumble across it.

And, if a prospective employer Googles my name, the first few pages of links are to my doppelgänger, who happens to be a gay porn star. It’s not like any humdrum stuff I write here is going to make matters worse.

My username is my last name, and my sig has a link to my blog which has my full name. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned my first name here before, but whatever. It’s Alex. There, now I have.

The reason I do this. Because unless you’re really careful, it’s possible to connect anonymous posts on the internet to your actual identity. So, I save everyone the trouble, and remind myself not to say or post anything really sensitive. Also, I don’t really have anything to hide, so why not.

On Facebook I use my real name, and I am friends with some Dopers, so I supposed that might count as being out. (Plus I’ve met some IRL.) I don’t care particularly. I have nothing to hide, and anything I really want kept secret I don’t post it on the Internet anyway.

A lot of dopers know my name…I’ve said it before, given my address out in exchanges, have doper friends on Facebook, have said it in this post, etc.
It’s Chris.

I don’t think I’ve actually ever said my name on the SDMB, but if anyone wants to know, it wouldn’t be hard at all. Do a google search of my user name, and you’ll find my real name REALLY quick (first link)…

I don’t really care about someone knowing my name. I’m not a secretive person, and I don’t post anything on the SDMB that I’m afraid of someone knowing.

I normally sign off with my real name on PMs, well forename. No biggy, I have bigger secrets than that.

WHAT??? They couldn’t find you a bright colored Hawaiian print cap and gown? THE HORROR!


More or less. I’ve revealed my first and last names separately on the board in different places. Made not one whit of difference; no one cares. No one’s mistaken me for the indie singer that shares it, either. . .which sucks, 'cause that’d be kinda cool.

Also keep this in mind if you use the same username on different boards. You may have not said anything untoward to say on here, but if you use the same username on at white supremacist clown porn awareness group people can find such things.

Bryan Ekers is out, right? Cracked me up when a poster said to him, “Real easy to say things like that when you are annonymous on a message board” and Bryan Ekers was like, “um…no I’m not” And then the poster was like, “…oh”. Haa! Gold.

I keep the sound off, so, based on visuals only – dang, you are one animated SOB.

As for me – I thought long and hard about using my real name on teemings, but decided the benefits of having that as work product to show to potential clients/employers far outweighed any downside of attracting freaky stalker types (of which there has been zero sign so far). Plus, I’ve been around long enough, and been in enough exchanges, etc., that there were already dozens of people who know me by (real) name.

I used my real and my SDMB name on my teemings piece because it is one of a series that’s been published in my corner of Massachusetts under my real name since 1984. And my SDMB name is the name of one of the characters in my fictional little town, though not one of the semi-autobiographical characters.

I linked to teemings from facebook, so my those friends can now find out my SDMB name.

I don’t think anybody much cares, really.