Is anyone here mentioned in a thread?

That is, have you ever been mentioned, discussed or cited in a thread under your real identity, without anyone realizing you were a fellow Doper?

I found myself in five or six threads. Made me grin. (And thanks for the cites and nice comments, folks.)

Not directly but I recently had somebody quote a wikipedia article to me that I had written.

If that happened to me, I’d be terrified that someone had figured out who I was and was just toying with me. I’ve not written anything under my real name that I think would be of any import on this message board.

I don’t think I’ve done anything notable enough to the general public that would have me mentioned on here. Of course, there is also the fact that my username is close to my real name.

Not a thread but, I once wrote a very heartfelt letter to a women who had just lost her husband, a man I worked for and greatly admired. Imagine my surprise, a few days later, in a very crowded church, when someone stepped up to speak and read my letter, word for word! I was beyond stunned, hubby and I sat with our mouths agape!

An article I wrote on vaccines was linked in a thread on vaccines here. I grinned.


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Still nope. :wink:

Not without me knowing it, no. But there are several Dopers who live in my town who know who I am.

I became briefly, er, famous under my real identity as the direct result of a thread on this board. So a bunch of Dopers involved in that thread and some other related threads learned my true life identity. But it’s more or less the opposite of what your OP posits – they knew I was a Doper and learned from the press who I was IRL.

My what?

Catfish is that you? It has been a while, what’s up?

Adm Kirk

That Count Blucher sure is awesome. :slight_smile:

A couple of cases I’ve been involved with in court have popped up in discussions here, but not mentioning my name.

A long time ago, there was repeated mention of a website I used to work for, as it was quite a notable site at the time.

Every time someone mentions awful or stupid thing their professor did, I cringe. So far, I’ve been safe.

At least one paper I’ve written has been cited in a thread here. I did not participate in the discussion, though I certainly followed it.

I bailed out of a thread when someone mentioned a book I wrote. (They probably just found the title with Google, as it was one for the Worstsellers’ List.)

I’ve actually had a fanfic series of mine cited here (!), once or twice, in discussions about supervillainy.

Nothing that named me specifically. I could see it happening if there was a noteworthy case that happened at work.

I’ve been on the periphery of a few things that have been noteworthy and discussed here. I used to live near the New Jersey Nazi who was turned down for a birthday cake. I’ve seen him around. I was deployed to Gitmo for a year. I was a couple hundred meters down the road from where Bush had the shoe thrown at him. A couple of other things. I’m not quite like Forrest Gump except for the intellect.

No, but I have dropped enough real information that more then one Doper has figured out my true identity. I don’t mind.

My published works are extremely technical and highly unlikely to ever be referenced here.