Dopers who shave your heads -- how frequently do you do it?

I’m a web cartoonist (my web comic is called Scandal Sheet! for those who are interested in checking it out). One of my characters, Max, has been either killed or kidnapped by a sasquatch. Max shaves his head.

I have personally never shaved my head, and I need data. IF I decide that Max is alive, I need to know how quickly his head would have visible stubble on it. I’m assuming his beard would grow faster than the skull fuzz, but I don’t KNOW that.

So – those of you who shave your heads, how often do you do it? Every day? Every other day? If you stop, how long does it take for you to have visible stubble on your scalp?

I sport a 'hawk, but shave the sides of my head regularly. Shaving smooth lasts a couple days - in a week I’ll have very visible stubble. Just to keep the stubble not hugely overgrown (over the ears etc.) takes trimming every two weeks or so.

As I write this, I realize this won’t probably answer you all that well. I’ve only once shaved my head clean (when first cutting the mohawk).

Visible stubble, like 5 o’clock shadow, the next day. Maintaining that smooth, shiney Yul Brynner look is actually a lot of work.

Been shaving my head for several years. For the record, I have dark hair and a fairly heavy beard. If I shave my face and head at 5AM, by 6PM, have have a 'five o’clock shadow" on my face. By 5AM tomorrow, I will have the same on my head.

to keep the shiny smooth look, i have to shave every day

if i shave monday, and don’t shave Tuesday, I will have visible stubble

I shave it every morning. If I don’t, by the next day I’m all stubbly.

Agree, every day for smooth and shiny. Maybe even more often. But I only shave ever 3-4 days, on average. Don’t mind the stubble, and can get a kind of razor burn going if I shave to often.

I shave once every 3 days or so. Any more often and I’d be slicing my face open on my razor-sharp stubble. I’m fair-skinned and very very dark haired, so you can still see the stubble immediately after I shave, even though at that point it’s smooth. Noticeable stubble starts the second day.

I need to go to the barber every 2 weeks, but I’m not bald, I just get it saved to within an inch (actually, about 1/16th inch) of its life.

Back when I shaved it, I did it once per week. I’d have stubble the next morning.

If I want it smooth, I have to shave it every day - and even then, you can see the dark hair underneath the skin. If I shave it in the morning, by the following morning I will have noticeable (visible from a distance, rough to the touch) stubble.

For your reference purposes, you can estimate about 1/4" growth per week for a normal human. So if Max is out of contact with a razor for a few days, you’re looking much more at “fuzzy” than “stubbly.” It’s a whole lot more obvious with no length to hide the growth coming out of the scalp than it is on a head with some pre-existing growth on it.

Visible stubble on both my (fair-colored) head and (red-blond) beard in 2 or 3 days. Stubble that’s not really visible, but “feelable” in a day or so. If I wanted them fairly smooth and smooth-looking all the time, I’d shave every 2 days.


I shave every other day in the shower- although that generally works out to every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On the weekends I generally don’t care that much.

My best friend/roommate does it a couple times a week, more or less, ever since he started losing his hair in his early 20s. I just hit 30 and I still have a full head of hair that I pay $30 every six weeks to get cut and styled. Sometimes I feel bad for my friend. Other times I’m jealous.

I shave my head razor smooth in the shower, daily. I can get it absolutely smooth and within an hour can find a spot or two that are starting to stubble, by feel but not visibly. It takes about 24 hours for me to get an even “shadow” all over. My hair is mostly gray so I’m sure it would show up quicker if it was still dark.