Dopers with two or more middle names?

We already have a thread about Dopers with no middle name, so let’s go in the opposite direction: Who here has a multiplicity of middle names?

I do, as do both of my siblings. To be clear, the names aren’t hyphenated or otherwise conjoined, and they’re not maiden names along any line of the pedigree. The closest we come to that is my middle names, which are the first names of my dad and his dad. Neither of my siblings are named in that fashion and, in fact, my siblings’ middle names have no prior connection to the family at all.

So, who here has to pick one when a form only has a space for a single middle initial?*

*(Funny story about that: My state ID actually has both of my middle initials on it. My middle names are, in order, Michael and Francis. Therefore, the State of Montana knows me as Firstname MF Lastname, and if I told you that hasn’t been an inducement to change my first name to Bad I’d be lying to you.)

I have two middle names. The first of those is the name which works as my “given name”

Two middle names, here.

I have two; kept my original middle and added my maiden. I do it any old way - I’m sure the government is very confused. If I HAVE to put one middle initial I do my first middle name.

I have two middle names, and are a second. The man-child has two middle names also. We smile at the thought of fracking up most computers who can’t handle two middle names.

Of course, it’s an evil smile.:smiley:

My daughter’s initials are MMMM. My two sister’s middle names, her mom’s maiden, and mine, of course.

Went the opposite way for my son. His middle name is “I”. Just the letter, no period. Like Harry S Truman.

Well, I only have one, but can I talk about my dad and his siblings, who all had two middle names?

Dad was born Herbert Harry Harold Lastname. His birth certificate was amended to switch the Harold and the Herbert around, as folks thought he was named for President Hoover.(This was in 1928)

His brothers sounded more German, Ernst Albert Ferdinand Lastname, and Theodore George Frederick Lastname. Then there were the sisters Ruth Esther Dorothea, Amanda Hilda Pauline*(shudder)*, and one more sister who had most beautiful selection, Her name sounded like that of a princess. Charlotte Louisa Sophia.

I have two middle names - one is my grandfather’s middle name and one is my maternal grandmother’s maiden name. If not quite as screamingly Caucasian as Fotheringly-Phipps or St. John Blatherskite, they are both firmly at Velveeta-and-Jello-mold levels of honkitude.

I do use both middle intials, as my given name and surname aren’t all that unusual; the “A.D” does serve to set me apart. When forced to choose by a form, I generally use “A.” as the single middle intial.