Dopers You Talk To On The Phone

Just ended yet another marathon phone session with a Doper who has become very dear to me, Superdude . Good Goddess, every time I get on the phone with him, the conversation literally lasts hours. I haven’t yakked on the phone like that since I was in high school.

There’s a few other Dopers who’s phone numbers I have been graced with, and a few who have mine. I think most of the Michigan Dopers have my number (and if you’re a Michigan Doper who doesn’t have my phone number and you’d like it, email me and I’ll send it to ya!). I like talking to Dopers on the phone almost as much as I enjoy meeting them face-to-face.

Anyone else have phone sessions like Superdude & me? :slight_smile:

I had to upgrade my phone plan from 2000 night/weekend minutes a month to 3000 minutes because Kyla and I talk so damn much. And I haven’t gotten my most recent phone bill yet, but it’s looking like that’s not enough either.

It’s good stuff, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

If 3000 minutes sounds like a lot, you have not met me yet. I am quite the talker. I can talk and talk and talk. Mostly it’s pretty meaningless, but Quix seems to be amused by it. At least, he laughs at me a lot.

I’ve only talked to one Doper on the phone, the esteemed Polycarp. It was very lovely to connect to the man behind the most respected handle on the board.

But heavens…I have so many real world friends that I spend so much time with on the phone, and others that I don’t spend ENOUGH time with on the phone, I couldn’t possibly add more. The pressure would be intolerable!

Just one, but I never have the opportunity for it to last too long.

Rats. :frowning:

I’ve talked with various (mostly DC/Balt) Dopers on the phone while making arrangements for RL get-togethers, but not just to chat. Though I did call up Geobabe to congratulate her when UncleBill gave up drinking for her.

Now Weirddave, OTOH, talks with what seems like half the board on the phone. He’ll show up here before too long, I expect. :slight_smile:

TwistofFate called me a couple of days ago and we had a good chat. Not for too long though - the Ireland - UK costs are a little restictive. heh.

Oh, and I talk to Alex B every now and again :wink:

I’ve quite a few that I’ve had marathon phone sessions with (and some who’s numbers I have that I just need to get off my duff and call - or who needs to call me! (Yes, Persephone, love, I’m talking about you! :D)

The short list of Dopers I’ve talked to for more than just a quick phone call:

Crunchy Frog

I’m sure there are a lot more - I know of at least two I talked to regularly at one time, but who are no longer on the board.

But the number of Dopers I want to call… that number is more than my bank account can take!

About the only Doper I ever talk to at all is Purrplebear . I’m just not a big phone type person.

I can’t recall ever talking to another Doper on the phone. Except my daughter, Sakura, but of course, that’s different.

But I’m like pipefitter. I’m really not a phone person. Although, that’s because I use it primarily for business or whenever I need to be annoyed by some unsolicited telemarketer or something. If I were chatting with a Doper and having a good time, I wouldn’t mind it.

BTW, Persephone, nice sig. Heh.

I talk to Sophie a lot. I talk to her husband quite often as well. He seems very nice, I think he has a screen name but I can’t remember it.

I have been to Aenea’s house/she has been here more times than I’ve talked to her on the phone…but I have talked to her on the phone.

Chef Troy and I have talked a few times, but none of those marathon phone sessions that last for hours.

I talked to Turbo Dog a couple of times on the phone and Tequila Mockingbird once or twice, both last summer.

Mr. Cynical called me once last autumn and we talked or about 30 minutes.

That’s it. I’ve given my phone number to, I think, two other people, but they’ve never called me, and no one else has given me their phone number. I prefer IMs overall - less pressure - but the phone doesn’t utterly suck.

There’s only one Doper that I talk to regularly and that’s Dire Wolf. And yes, we can have marathon phone conversations (which usually consist of me babbling on about nothing and him falling asleep :wink: )

I talk to a couple of the Phoenix dopers (Padeye & Strainger) from time to time, but that’s been to finalise plans not to chat. Though it should be, they are both very interesting people whom I enjoy talking with.

I’ve talked with Mr Cynical a couple times … in fact I tried to call him on Friday night only to find his number disconnected. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then there are those that I’ve talked to once:

Cruncy Frog
Shayna (We really should talk more :slight_smile: )
dpr (it was netmeeting, so it probably shouldn’t count, but I’m counting it.

I think that’s it … if I’ve forgotten anyone: Mea Culpa!

I talk to Serendipity every night.

Big surprise there huh? :wink:

No one else loves me enough to call me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, of course I talk to UncleBill quite regularly. I talk to Weirddave fairly often, although it’s sporadic. There are periods where we talk all the time, other times not so much. But I’m like that. I don’t always like talking on the phone. Like Hama, I tend to prefer IMs to the phone, simply because the phone is more immediate; if I’m in the middle of something, I can answer an IM when I get to it.

I have a few other Doper’s numbers, and a few have mine, but we don’t have long conversations, if we talk at all.

I am also not a phone person. I never have been.

I’ve given my number to a few people, like Scotticher and TruePisces, and while I’d be very pleased to speak to either of them if they called, I’m not likely to pick up the phone and dial. It’s just not me. Partly that’s leftover phone-phobia from my younger days, and partly it’s because I am on the phone so much at work.

Fortunately, I think most of my friends realize that just because I don’t call them doesn’t mean I don’t love them! :smiley:

Another non-phone person checking in.

I have talked to Superdude on the phone once, but all other calls have been “business” to arrange meetings and such.

I have had the vast pleasure of being with a lot of MI Dopers, some even on a semi-regular basis. I’m even now in a book club with one of them (Hello Again)!

Instead of phone relationships, I am developing mail relationships. There are a handful of Dopers I exchange mail with every so often. Real, actual, written-on-paper, stamped mail. I blather on there as pointlessly as I would on the phone if I were a phone person. But it’s much cheaper.

The only Doper I’ve ever talked to on the is Simetra, and I talk to him every night. I’m pretty sure he’s the only one with the patience to put up with my random non-stories. :wink:

Well there was talking to Ginger via Weirddave at Porkfest back in January. But that was a one-time thing and she’ll be in the DC/MD/VA area before terribly long anyway:)

I’ve talked to Geobabe a few times, as well as John Corrado and Weirddave, and of course Verrain, hardygrrl, TruePisces, Nocturne, Jess (I think), Techchick and Crunchy Frog that one night…

I’m trying to remember if RT and I ever chatted on the phone. Lord knows we email enough:D But mostly I’m an IM/IRC person. More relaxing and stuff.

I just remember two more:

Montfort – I talked to him once while I was sitting in the car behind him :wink:


JoeyHemlock - I talked to him on Nym’s phone at JavaMaven’s party last weekend. :slight_smile: