Chatting with your contact information here!

We haven’t one of these threads since December, I think. I was talking to another Doper about what fun it often is to talk to Dopers off-board, due to the wit and humor they often display. So I thought a contact information thread might not go amiss.

My AIM and Yahoo Messenger information are in my profile, as is my e-mail address. I’ve chatted with several Dopers off-board and enjoyed it. In fact, the off-board friendship I developed with one of them is why I’m where I am now.

If I’m showing online on the boards, that means I’m generally on my messaging programs.

Mine’s in my profile as well but for the link-phobic, mine is:

AIM: Aesiron
MSN: Aesiron at gmail dot com
Yahoo!: Aesiron
Email: Aesiron at gmail dot com

And, just in case, my livejournal – where I spend most of my online time – is, unsurprisingly,

My LJ username and AIM screenname are staring you in the face. My email address is in my profile.

Same username pretty much everywhere. I don’t know how to use much of this stuff, however.

Send me a postcard.

AIM: trevor51181
YAHOO: fat_ass_rabbit (don’t ask)
trevortheanderson at gmail dot com

Feel free to drop in at any time.

I never sleep, I always need someone to talk to a 3 am


LOUNE, you really expect people not to ask about that id?

AIM: MoreCowbell888

I don’t IM that much, since I’m rarely at a computer long enough to have a conversation.

However, you can get ahold of me through e-mail pretty easily:
My profile e-mail
My Hotmail account

I’m actually a fairly easy guy to get ahold of. You just gotta send up the BatSignal©.

Or just sound off the Call of the Great White North.

Wellllllllllllll. You’ll have to IM me for the juicy story.

My AIM and Yahoo names are up there in the top right corner of this post. I’m also BraheSilver at hotmail dot com, if for some reason you getl the urge to email me.

The little guy up there in the corner is my AIM name, just make sure to say “hey I’m so and so from the Dope!”. I tend to close out random “HI!” IMs. I’m never on MSN though, but I check the hotmail in my profile at random intervals.

Yes, The Sausage Creature brings up a good point, which I forgot. :smack: Saying who you are on the Dope is always a good idea when IMing folks, especially when the usernames are different.

Eh, couldn’t hurt. Although it seems a bit unnecessary when you take into consideration that all of the following infomation is in my profile.

AIM: walkonvanityruin
YAHOO: inastateofdecay

I’m usually signed in under at least one of 'em ( MSN, most frequently). So, yeah… feel free to pop in and say hello. I’m so sick of bots and creepy old people trying to solicit cyber sex. :frowning:

What about non-old creepy people?


AIM: susiederkins222

MSN Messenger:

Hit me up! <----(Placeholder for a cool phrase, just fill in something hip for me there)

Ooh, good thread. :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m malkavia and I’m addicted to AIM.

I’m on from work and from home when possible and from my phone and and and… you get the idea.

AIM - malkaviavoltaire

AIM: five6sevenand
I like to talk :slight_smile:

Email: RolandOrzabal at

AIM: RolandOrzbal (note the missing ‘a’)
MSN (same spelling as AIM)

Feel free to IM me if you want to talk; it’s always nice to meet new people. :slight_smile:

In the highly unlikely event anyone wants to get in touch, my E-mail address is in my profile… :stuck_out_tongue: