My girlfriend’s son is twelve. He met one of the authors of what I assume will be a series of children’s books, Dormia, at a promotional event. Now, the kid’s all crazy about this book–I don’t think he’s even read it yet, but you know how twelve-year-olds can be. I’ve read a bit of it online at Google Books, and I have my own opinions.

It’s gotten some fairly good reviews, but I’m more interested in what the everyday Joe thinks. Have any of you (or any of your kids) read the whole book? I doubt that anyone will be calling it the next Great American Novel, but is it at least a fun read?

I liked the Harry Potter books, and I liked the Lemony Snicket series, each for different reasons. From what I’ve read so far, I can’t find any reason to like Dormia. But maybe I haven’t given it a fair chance, and maybe I’m not reading through the eyes of its target audience, so I’m asking here: what do you think?