harry potter, 2 old?

hi, i love the harry potter books, but im 15. All of my friends tell me i am 2 old 2 enjoy something like the potter books, but i dissagree they are fun 2 read. what do you guys think??

A) I’m 35 and still enjoy Harry Potter, the Oz books, the Narnia books, Edward Eager, Norton Juster, etc. If your friends don’t like what you’re reading, the heck with 'em. I see nothing wrong with a 15 year old reading Harry Potter

B) On this board, using “chatspeak” like “2 kewl 4 words” is…I don’t wanna say “frowned upon” because there’s no official rule against it…it’s not really part of the board’s culture. You’ll genrerally get better results and more people inclined to answer if you take the extra few seconds type out whole words: if your post shows that you put effort into it, more people are likely to respond. Just a friendly tip from one Harry Potter fan to another. :slight_smile:


Baby, I still read Laura Ingalls Wilder and “Sideways Stories from Wayside School” and “Bunnicula”. If you take pleasure from it, it really isn’t anybody’s place to judge.

(But it wouldn’t kill you to pick up some George Orwell or Harlan Ellison some time, 'kay?)

Personallly, I just get excited when I hear that folks, especially youth, are reading in lieu of passively watching tv, playing them dangblasted video games, or clicking around on this infernal internet. Now, I’m old enough to have forgotten what it was like to be 15, and I LOVE the Harry Potter books. In fact I read all kinds of children’s literature, and while it’s lacking in some kinds of complexities that sadly enough are lacking in a LOT of adult literature, I still enjoy children’s literature immensely. So, sexybookworm, keep on reading all types of literature to find what you like because you won’t know what you like until you try it. Expand your horizons, and if your friends don’t like it, so what? It’s their loss.

I’m 28 and have read and enjoyed the Harry Potter series, although I don’t own any of the books myself.

I borrowed them from my 36 year old brother-in-law who owns the whole set and plans to see the film on opening day.

Don’t worry what other people say about what you’re too old to do. Do what makes you happy (so long as its legal).

I agree with Crunchy Frog. My son has many HP books as well as Goosebumps. I have read a couple for the heck of it and I’m 29.

Read what you enjoy.

By the way: the British editions are better (at least of the first one). I read the first book in both editions and while the changes were relatively minor, the Americanized editions lost some of their British flavor. The setting is London, dammit, they don’t call (say) Oreos “cookies”, they call them “biscuits”. There’s a bunch of tiny changes like that which just make the American editions…blander to me.


I’m 30, and I love the Harry Potter books. And The Chronicles of Narnia, for that matter, which sit proudly on my bookshelf next to a copy of The Wind in the Willows.

In my experience, people who get on their high horses and claim that a given book or movie or whatever is “immature” or that you’re “too old” for it are often simply full of themselves. If they were as mature as they’d like the world to believe, they’d realize that your reading choices are your reading choices and not up to them to criticize.

Don’t let other people tell you what you can enjoy. I like Harry Potter and at 15 liked The Chronicles of Narnia. I can like anything I want to, watch cartoons or visit museums or monster truck shows or poetry readings.

And remember that the New York Times created a new children’s fiction bestseller list just to get the Harry Potter books out of its fiction bestseller list. All of the “adult” fiction authors who couldn’t compete were moaning about it. I don’t think all those copies were being bought just for the kids to read.

We’re waiting eagerly for the movie and the next book in our household. This time, though, eldest son will be old enough to read it to himself the first time, so we’re going to have to wait to borrow it from him to read it ourselves.

I’m 36 and love Harry Potter. I was bored one day with nothing to read, so I picked up the first book. Over the next 5 days I read the other 3. I just know I’m going to be fighting with my 12 year old when the next one comes out.Unless she pays for it with her own money I have first dibs!

‘When I became a man, I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown-up.’ C.S. Lewis

27 years old.

I’ve read all of them.

I even own all of them in hardcover.

Goblet of Fire is the best one so far.

And to those who say I’m too old to be reading these books, I say “Nuts.” If I like reading them because they have interesting characters and an interesting story, then that’s all that matters for me.


I’m 34 and I just finished reading all four books out loud to my wife. Took us about a year to get through them, one chapter at a time.

Yep did that too. I don’t have any kids, so I just read aloud to my brothers, SO and anyone else who cared to listen.

b.t.w. I also read the dutch translation of the phylosopher’s stone and was amazed at the quality of the translation. A lot of work went into translating some of the more subtle jokes. I usually hate translations, but this one was truely exceptional.

(read the other three in the original though)

I am 20 and read all the Harry Potter books as soon as they came out, I borrowed them from my 12 yr old sister when she had finished reading them, everyone in my family has read all the books now, (including my Dad who is 50 and rarely has time to read, he just sat in the corner until he had finished the set!)

Recently I have been reading them out loud to my family (who seem to be enjoying them again)

I will echo others thoughts in saying that there is nothing wrong in reading these books, maybe when you have finished you could pick up a copy of The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings which I read when I was your age and thoroughly enjoyed.

I’m 33 - Read’em, liked’em fine :slight_smile: . Though Lloyd Alexander’s Taran series still takes precedence in my mind, when it comes to fantasy for the younger set :slight_smile: .

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I’m 25, and I really like the books. Unfortunately, I didn’t find out (or realize) what they did to the American edition until after I had all four of them. So now I’m trying to save to order 'em from Amazon.uk because I find their changing the books really insulting.

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Has anybody ever ordered books from them? How does it work? I realize shipping’s going to be a lot, but it might be worth it.
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It seems to be a constant source of amazement to the British media, judging from the commentary in the newspapers, how popular the Harry Potter series is with adults. And yet, there it is. On my daily commute, I regularly see grown men and women reading a HP book with nary a trace of embarrassment.

So, in answer to the OP, no, you’re not too old. Better to read Harry Potter than spend all your time watching TV or playing video games…

huh, you think that’s bad. i still read Dr. Seuss!


(but don’t tell my friends)