Double Agent? Triple Agent? Double Whammy Agent?

If you are a spy for side A, you are called “a spy.”

If you are turned by side B against A, you are then a “double agent.”

So, what are you called if:

  1. Side A finds out you are working for Side B, so they turn you again so you feed false information to Side B under the pretext of spying on Side A? Are you just “a spy” again since you returned to Side A? Are you a triple agent?

  2. Side B sends their double agent from Side A to spy on Side C. What are they called now?

  1. & 2. They are a poor soul

  2. I would guess they are just a spy for side b, although I wouldn’t trust them to spy for me if I changed their view points…

I never knew what a double agent was, how does one become a double agent? While they are pleading for their life?

The term is re-doubled agent. A triple agent actually works for 3 separate agencies (countries, groups, whatever.)

Triple agent is a common term in fiction, even for redoubled agents, say for example, Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series. It just sounds cooler, I guess, in a literary source, that we never really know a person’s motivations, even though we’re privy to their deepest thoughts. Unlike real life spies, whose motivations aren’t really known.