Double Dutch Bus request

Some doper may give me a hand to get the complete lyrics of Frankie Smith’s Double Dutch Bus?

In Yahoo and Google I find many sites with the lyrics, but after the part that says: “I say ssssssugar…”, it follows: “rap with children”. Well, I want to get the lyrics for that, the rap with children.

In the Missy Elliott’s Gossip Folks lyrics, there is a bit of this, I understand it’s a kind of pig latin:

Frankie: Milzee-gilzz-I silzum billz I-killza dilzzouble-dilzzutch!
(something about a million bills and he kills the double dutch)
Girl: Whoozoo?
Frankie: My gizzurl!
(My girl!)
Girl: Wilzinga izzat?
(Who’s that?)
Frankie: It’s okizzay!
(It’s okay!)
Girl: It’s alrizzight!
(It’s alright!)
Frankie: It’s okizzay!
(It’s okay!)
Girl: It’s alrizzight! Nizzow wizzee wizzill silzzee!
(It’s alright! Now we will see!)

But still, there’s a part missing.

In addition, some of you knows a link to the lyrics of the other side, called only “Double Dutch”? (the one that starts with “Dancing with the children, it’s got to be a million playing the double dutch”).

I will thank you very much.

No one? Just another try…

I have it on tape here I’ll try and transcribe it, bump this tommorrow less I forget.

The Sims dialogue obviously inspired by the way the children were talking in that song. It is definitely the song’s highlight, much like “Another Brick in the Wall”.

The guy’s part was just an ordinary rap.

That isn’t the Double Dutch I’m familiar with. I mean, besides the jump rope game, there was the word game, and the rule for that was to double consonants with a schwa in between:

Dudoubublule Dudututchuch Bubusus

Alright. These are NOT the official lyrics. These are what I could transcribe. I’m not entirely sure what the second word is. It sounds like Kizzoo or Gizzurls. The part where I put (???) is where I couldn’t even decipher what they’re singing. It sounds like sumasum or subasub.

(Person 1)
Izza gizzurls.(kizzoo) Yizzo hizz admizzal izzat whizza sizzol kizza pizz-ah bizass gizz off

(girls) (???)
nizzle izzle izain’t

(Person 1)
yizza pizz ah mizzoo

wilzee ilza kilza bay-

(Person 1)
shilza killza millza nillza bilzaby

(girls again)
Wilzee iz a pizzay at dizzouble dizzutch, dizzouble dizzutch,dizzouble dizzutch
Wilzee iz a pizzay at dizzouble dizzutch,dizzouble dizzutch,dizzouble dizzutch

then it goes onto what you have…though I don’t hear the dizzouble dizzutch part at the end of the first line of yours.

If you still need these send me another e-mail, I was in the middle of moving and hadn’t unpacked my music till last night. I accidentally deleted you previous e-mails.