Double Dutch

Does anyone still play Double Dutch. I don’t ever see kids out on the sidewalk playing like they did years ago. It seemed like a natural activity when I was a child, but I’ve begun to wonder whether it was just a fad.

Also, I can’t remember most of the rhymes we used to chant while playing Double Dutch. I can remember ones that were used in other games, but sometimes were imported to Double Dutch, like “Engine, engine number nine…” But as to rhymes used only in Double Dutch, I can only remember fragments, like:

Oooo, she thinks she’s fine

Walkin’ down that fine line.

My, she think she’s bad

Puttin’ on her maxi pad…

Does anyone else remember the rhymes they played the game with?

I AM Dutch, but I’m wondering here just what the hell Double Dutch is.

WAIT !! I know. I think it’s that skipping-a-rope-but-then-with-two-ropes thingie… am I right ?

O well… the kids still do it here, although more in the country than in the cities.


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My Mama told me
If I was good
She’d buy me rubber dolly
With cheeks so red

She went to the Army
Got killed in the war
Now no more rubber dollies

::remembering back from 3rd grade, rural Georgia elementary playground, 1966::

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My elementary school actually had a jump rope team, which I was on (fifth grade: 1991-92?). I don’t remember any of the jump rope songs, but I know all the clapping songs (Ms. Susie, etc.) which we sometimes used for double dutch. Come to think of it, none of the little girls that I babysit play jump rope anymore. Kinda sad.


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“Double Dutch” had nothing to do with jumping rope in my child hood, but was a made up language, like pig latin, except you inserted an “ub” before every vowel syllable, rather than the reversed “ay” in pig latin. I was quite chagrined when what I grew calling “double dutch” appeared on public television in the kid’s series “Zoom,” but referred to as “ubbi dubbi.”

Ub-eye gub-ess thu-bats thu-buh wubbay thu-buh buh-ball buh-bounce-ub-ez.

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WTF ???

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Well, it’s nowhere NEAR single Dutch, if you ask me…


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

I have heard of the word game called Double Dutch, but I’ve never known anyone who actually played it. The version I heard of, you didn’t just insert -ub, you replaced all consonants with double consonants, seperated by a schwa:

b = bub
c = cuc
d = dud

Wasn’t there some pseudo funk song in the 80’s about “the double dutch bus” kind of along the same lines as White Horse?

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Mr. Angel:

Could you give a phonetic example of your version of the “Double Dutch” word game? I’m not sure I understand it.

“Its fiction, but all the facts are true!”