Song Survey: The Wheels on the Bus

Ok everybody, sing along!!

The wheels on the bus go round and round,
Round and round, round and round.
The wheels on the bus go round and round …

(your turn: please vote on the last line to settle a disagreement!)

Thanks in advance!

All through the town!

I second Euty:
All through the town.

All through the town, of course.

All day long!!!

Another vote for: “All through the town”

All around the town.

Okay, now answer me this one. Is it here we go lubey loo, or here we go loopty loo?
I was watching a comercial for kids songs and that one and another were sung different than I remember.

I’ve never heard all day long. I think the only other one I’ve heard is all over town.

I’m used to all through the town, myself. Is this going to be another argument similar to that of the name of the Spider (Itsy Bitsy vs. Eensy Weensy, which, by the way, both are acceptible)?

Thank you Mobo, that is the other song I was thinking of.
Always have heard Itsy Bitsy Spider and it just sounds wrong to hear it the other way.
Not that it is wrong, but it just sounds odd.

it is

early in the morning …

confirmed independantly by an east coast math nerd … struff

Former preschool teacher here:

Brunetter: All through the town.

Kricket: Here we go loopty-loo.

mobo85: Itsy-bitsy spider.

I’ve always remembered it as “All around the town.” Which I never really questioned, as I just thought “around” was a play on the number of times “round and round” is said.

At the preschool which I attended and later worked at, we sang this as the last line, too.

The wheels on the bus go round and round…

All the live long day. I’m sorry but I think that’s it. All through the town sounds nuts.

“All the live long day”! Certainly not.

What’s nuts about “All through the town”? That’s where the wheel were going round and round. “All the live long day” lack the sense of motion that I believe is central, indeed integral, to the entire “Wheels on the Bus” gestalt

I like the version that ends with “'Til the kids throw up!”

But then again, y’all can just ignore me.

I think you are confused with “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad”!

OK…but school buses to me are like prisons. And in prison, they make you work on a chaingang/railroad where you work “all the LIVE LONG day.”

Makes you think of the prison bus from the Simpsons.
“Prison Bus, Otto?”
“Yeah…now get on the bus or I’ll kill you!”
“Sorry the bus and I have kind of a ‘Shining’ thing going on.”

(Hehe. Any excuse for the Simpsons.)

On a recent field trip I assisted with for my daughter’s class (Elkkid?) we sang “All through the town”.

I’m solidly in the minority, but my 4 1/2 year-old insists that it’s “All day long” :slight_smile:

I told him that I thought it was “All the way through town” and he gave me a seriously patronising look, shook his head and said “Silly Dad”. Kids these days, they got no respect :smiley: