Double posts?

Starting to see a few of these. Are people hitting the ‘submit’ button twice (if so have patience) or are they genuine DB errors?

As a WAG – I’d say it’s partly due to periodic slowing of the board and, as you said, UnwrittenNocturne – simply hitting “Submit Post” twice when you’re not sure the words of wisdom got through to the world.

It’s probably a little of both. Occasionally you’ll see double-posts separated by fair sized spans of time.

Yup, the phenomenon just got to me, too. shrug More care needed for the moment, I think. :slight_smile:

The boards have been a bit wonky today, it happens from time to time. Don’t sweat it. And don’t bother following up a double post with an apology post, we know you didn’t mean to. :wink:

One time I hit submit once (as you can see, I have hit submit alot) & got a double post.

99% of the time it posts once if I hit submit once, twice if I hit submit twice, etc.

Often I have to copy the url of the page that hasn’t sent me the thank you for posting page back, into a new browser window to see if the message did post, & sure enough 95% of the time it has, so I just close the page.

Thank you for the tips- this is an extraordinarily large board, compared to others I have been on, and is very slow-
or is it particularly slow today?

It’s been normal speed today. You should’ve been here before the new server–it was so slow that we almost got back to our real lives!

I have been guilty of the double and at times the triple post, and didn’t know what was going on. I think that the problem was that I was hitting the “back” button on my browser, which brings you back to the screen that takes your post to the forum, thereby posting it again. I haven’t tested my theory, though, since I don’t want to double post on purpose.

But, Lothos! That’s what ATMB was created for!

Testing Back-Button Double-posting hypothesis… the results shall be self-evident.

I clicked ‘Back’ Once from the threadview-after-post screen, waited the sixty seconds, and then hit ‘refresh’ (because WinXP makes you). No double-post.

O.K. wolfstu I’ll give it a try also.

Yes, It doesn’t happen. I guess this disproves my hypothesis. Good! Now I don’t have to worry so much about hitting the back button!

Thanks for that.