Double tapping keys on a laptop keyboard

I’ve been using a new laptop a bit lately and whenever I type on it I hit a bunch of keys twice in quick succession when I’m trying to type quickly. It leaads to a llot of sentences that look like thiis. It’s a Sony Vaio with a chicklet style keyboard.

I’m curious if anyone else has dealt with this issue and if there’s a setting that cann be tweaked to lessen the frequency of it. Also, anyone know what causes it? Too short a travel on the keys? To heavy or light of a typing stroke? Funky drivers? When I buy a new laptop I’m wondering what to look for to avoid the headache.

Go to the Control Panel and open the Keyboard Properties and adjust the Repeat Delay to long and see if that fixes the problem.

I think **JoelUpchurch **hit the nail with his solution, but I wanted to say that this:

is the most awesome yet instantly-recognizable descriptions of one of those laptop keyboards I’ve ever seen.

It’s a bit of slang that’s been around in computing for a few decades; here’s a 1984 review of the IBM PCjr from Creative Computing magazine that uses the phrase. Similarly, a 1983 review of the Mattel Aquarius, also from Creative Computing.