Doubting your memory of 70's kids shows?

I found this and just had to share.

And I thought I had hallucinated Hong Kong Phooey!

I love Hong Kong Phooey! But am I the only one who remembers Chicken Man?

Nice list, but horribly incomplete. Where’s Kimba? Where’s Deputy Dog? Electro Woman & DynaGirl? Villa Allegre? I could go on …

Where’s Magilla Gorilla? He was one of my favourites!!

Kimba the White Loin was a '60’s show, although it may have continued in syndacation into the
1970’s. Along with Speed Racer, it was the first time Japanese animation had been widely shown
in the United States. I wish somebody would put it on the air again.

I think Magilla Gorilla started in the 60’s as well.

You mean the one on the radio? Bert Berdis and Dick Orkin? Never caught much of it, but I knew about it.

I do remember Superchicken. :slight_smile:

Thanks Chuck, it was Superchicken I was thinking of. I got my genetically enhanced chickens confused.

I thought I was the only person who remembered the 70’s live action kid’s show called “The Ghost Busters”, unrelated to the Bill Murray/Harold Ramis/Dan Ackyroyd movies.

God bless you Sua Na, for sharing that link.

ruadh, I thought I was the only kid in the world who watched Villa Allegra!No one I’ve mentioned it to has had any memory of such a show, and I was beginning to think I had imagined it.What a great show!
Did you by any chance also watch another bilingual kids show called something like Callas Colendas?I can’t recall exactly how its spelled nor what it means.Something like ‘pretty cove’ I think.
Great link, Suo na.
Wish I could find some of these on tape for my kids.

Carrascolendas. Loved it!

Well it must have, since I wasn’t even born until the 1970s :slight_smile:

“When you find yourself in danger, when you’re threatened by a stranger, when it looks like you will take a lickin’”…Loved that show!!

Heck, I once spent an afternoon tracking down the Super Chicken theme song so I could hear it again and again. hehe.

Continuing from the above: “…there is someone waiting who will hurry up and rescue you, just ca-ALL for Super Chicken. (buck buck buck buck!)”

Does anyone remember “Kids are people, too”?

MaryAnnQ, I loved that show. I remember two episodes, one where they had three guys from MAD magazine on and another where they a guy who designed funky cars for movies.

MaryAnnQ somewhere in the murky mass of gray matter is a distant and dusty shadow of a vague recollection of Kids are People Too. The memory was tied to Wonderama and sure enough, in reveling in the memory of Suo Na’s posted site (thank you!!) this came to my attention

Man, I never would have remembered Wonderama if it had not been for your question or that link! Thanks all for making my night!

Oh, geez… some more stuff to fixate on… as if TV Land weren’t enough… :rolleyes:

I remember going to see a taping or live performance or some such thing of “Kids Are People Too”. I think of that whenever I hear the name McAdoo. (That includes that Laker guy, too) :smiley:

Now I’m gonna need more shock therapy.


The temptation to make a joke about “the White Loin” is almost overwhelming. :slight_smile:

I didn’t like the Kimba show much. But I loved Speed Racer.

Hey, where’s Johnny Quest??!!

In the '60s, Barney. As was "SuperChicken, incidentally…wasn’t it the filler material in “George of the Jungle” ?

But, hey. You knew the job was dangerous when you took it.