Doubts were raised on Blair's Iraq WMD claims as well

Either a case of willful blinders or abject apathy to facts which would ruin the “sexing up” of the Iraq WMD claims. Seeing that Curious George has now point the finger at the U.K. as the source of most of the bogus Iraq WMD claims he has been caught out on, it is interesting to see now that they were believed to be overstated there prior to use as well.


and here is the impact:

Curious George, watch out the lets laugh at California sweepstakes (aka the recall disaster) can’t go on forever. Better find some WMDs.

Forever? That dog will have run it’s course by October.

I’m going to go out on a limb here. :smiley:

We will never find any weapons of mass destruction.

And to make up for my typos (Me fail english, that’s unpossible!):

More cites to the Bush Adminstrations willful shenanigans on WMD’s:

Oops damn them pesky liberal facts!

Check out the quite long article if you have doubts. Your turn Apologista’s.

One last article I saw that provoked a few thoughts:

Oops nothing worse then getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar.

You’re getting all flushed over what came out on Day One of the Hutton Inquiry ?

Believe me, if you want to put the revelations from today in the Pit, you’re going to be pretty busy between now and it’s conclusion (fwiw, maybe sometime in September).

This is the limbering up before the game kicks off. Really, this is for the highest stakes and there’s an awful long way to go before it’s possible to even begin to find a balanced pov.

But, I tell ya, it’s a beautiful thing is democracy in action.

Juat give it time.

FAQ about the Hutton Inquiry

Today’s proceedings

I don’t want to hijack (no really!) but I wonder if the Hutton Enquiry is really going to get to the bottom of this one. IMHO, it’s been a good start but there’s a long way to go yet.

When does Blair go on the stand?


Oh - and to keep it on topic - Bush won’t find WMDs, but he will find ‘evidence’ of a WMD Program which will be too secret to reveal to the world. This will happen whenever things start to get really sticky.

…Just my guess!

In case anyone objects to L_C’s use of the BBC to report on the enquiry, here’s a [url=,1-775346,00.html]transcript from the right-wing, Murdoch-owned Times of London.

I don’t think this enquiry is going to reveal enough truth for my liking, to be honest.

Fixed link.

In case ‘anyone’ objects? I can’t think who you mean jjimm!

You mean our resident “expert” on the BBC? :rolleyes:

He did stay at a Holiday Inn Express I guess- yeah that’s the ticket. . .

Sorry, Martiju, I have to protect the anonymity of my sources on this one.

Well I demand that you tell me - otherwise you’re a terrorist (or something like that)

We shouldn’t mock… :slight_smile:

I suppose if the issue of ‘45 minutes’ claim can be diffused by HMG’s witnesses, they’ll be happy. But someone did inset that claim and it’s there to be ferreted out. So, by any measure, the Inquiry wil have failed if it’s not pinned down, imho

These things can have a kind of snow ball effect; one person reveals one thing, whcih means someone else is happier to say this . . . not sure about this Inquiry but there are issues of conscience here which tends to help the memory.

And I thnk the media hounds have got a good sniff now, it’s Campbell’s bollocks plus whoever else they can get. They’ll be nudging things along, nicely . .

I said Geoff Hoon a while back, and I’ve got to stick by that call.
And it’s all happening because of Dr Kelly’s death - worth remembering that poor man.

If we’re going to link to Murdoch owned shite at least we should go to the real shite

Absolutely. I caught a brief report on the news yesterday that (I think) said that the two intelligence people spoken to had confirmed that Kelly was the undisputed expert in the field. Of course, that was on the BBC so… :rolleyes:

Incidentally, I’ll support you on Hoon being made the ultimate scapegoat out of this, just because it’s easier for Blair to lose him than Campbell or any of the other suspects.

Campbell has said he’s out of there after this is over.

It’s getting like a Queen song. Ba Da Dum Dum Dum another one bites the dust …

I was struck by the two different spins put on this first day. The Sun had an interpretation totally opposite from Bloomberg’s, as quoted in the OP. The Sun said

december stick to the tits on page 3.

‘media supremo’ :confused: That can only come from a newspaper that still includes the like of: ‘Curvy Kate, from Kingston, wows punters at her local where she collects glasses. We reckon Kates a ‘glassy’ chick. She could pull our pints anyday. etc ad nauseum’ :wink: