Doug Henning and ....more trolls??

Just to make you guys feel better about the weirdo trolls that we get now and again…

Even trolls on the late Doug Hennings website message board…

We should be thankful ours are normally at least semi-literate

Love is like popsicles…you get too much you get too high.

Not enough and you’re gonna die…
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Wow. He died? Darn.

I heard he’d given up magic and gone all weirdo spiritual, but that site says he was going to open a Magic Theme Park (sounds llike a great idea) so go figure.


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Zette, do you have some kind of troll radar in your purse? :slight_smile:

By the way, Henning is not much of a magician. Most of his stuff is self working and needs nothing more than a half decent patter, which he doesn’t have.

Yeah, I know, he’s a Canadian. Big farking deal.

I don’t have to do drugs to mess up my head. I went to Catholic school.

Well, Wally, since they’re already having a troll problem anyway, why don’t you go over there and tell them that…

I wouldn’t think of it, neuro.

I’m a big fan of stage magic, and Henning has not impressed me. I saw his show at the O’Keefe Centre some years ago and walked out feeling cheated.

There’s a lot of Henning fans and just because I’m not one of them is no reason for me to berate him at a site that was created for him.

I don’t have to do drugs to mess up my head. I went to Catholic school.

Dang it, and I didn’t even have Doug in the death pool.

I am so unlucky.

Have you voted for your favorite, huggable Mullinator today?

I don’t know if this is real or not, but it might be worth putting his death in another perspective.

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