Down Under Dopers: Gary Gumball Ice Cream Recall

The gumball may contain glass.


And it’s still three months till Halloween!

I’m pretty sure ‘Gary Gumball’ is a name I’ve never heard - but the shape of the icecreams themselves does ring a bell. Did they used to be called something different?

I too have never heard of Gary Gumball.

Down here there is a similar icecream called Bubble-O Bill, but made by a different company, Streets Icecream.

Yes!! that’s the one I was thinking of. It’s a knock-off Bubble-O-Bill. With all the fine quality control that knock-off products are often known for.

Ok, happy now. Well apart from glass in ice-cream!!1! :eek::smack::(:frowning:

Just as well it wasn’t a Paddle Pop. Half the kids in the country would be in hospital by now…

Even the ice cream in Australia wants to hurt you.

As with the above, ain’t even heard of Gary Gumball but Bubble-O-Bill is sufficiently ubiquitous in our culture/diet that it even gets referenced by Sammy J & Randy in their comedy standard Secrets
(@20second mark)