Down with the Wannabeeeeez!

I have a a bone to pick! I have Narcolepsy and I read all of these forums and things about people that “think that they might have it” “Does this symptom fit?” and I want to scream half of the time because honestly it sounds to me like a lot of insecure people complaining about every day symptoms of life in order to fit in somewhere. Hoping to have SOMETHING in order to get pitty from SOMEONE. Hypochondriacs?. I dont think its that symple! The people who are out here that legitimately have this are having to put up with it every day and it pisses me off that people are trying so hard to “join the club” Club Narcolepsy?!?!? Wouldnt a book club be better? Its not like it is fun guys! Its a total waste of time and there is nothing you can do about it. Think it is fun to collapse in front of people because you laugh or get upset or something that everyone else on earth has the liberty to experience? Think it is fun to see shit in the middle of the day and try to sort out real life from Hypnogognic Hallucination? Think it is fun to be tired all of the time and fall asleep in the middle of shit? Think it is fun to be parayzed while you are sleeping and not being able to move or wake up from a dream where someone is trying to kill you-and on top of it, you cant tell its NOT real?!?! Sounds fun huh? If you really want to feel that bad for yourself, go have unprotected sex and I am sure you can come back with a whole shit load of thigs to feel bad about. Geez. Im out here with this, have it totally scientifically identified, have all of these shitty symptoms and I am making the most of my life. I dont even know why I read those forums. Its all people feeling bad for themselves or undiagnosed wannabeeeeez.

Thats enough about that I suppose

serious :o

Hey, at least you stayed awake long enough to finish your post.

Oh dear serious. Sounds like you have a bad dose of something all right, but I’m not sure whether it is a physical disorder.

Would you care to provide a link to where all these hypochondriacs are conjuring up symptoms and seeking sympathy? Sometimes people are just curious about whether their ‘ailment’ might signify something more sinister. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are malingering. It doesn’t mean they enjoy being ill. Nor does it detract in any way from people like yourself with a ‘scientific definition’ of their disease.

Oh, and welcome to the boards…good to hear you are making the most of your life. :smiley:

ooops, bad quoting by me!

Make that ‘scientific identification’ in the last post, thanks! :smack:

Sleep! That’s where I’m a viking!

Aw come on you guys, he’s trying to be serious. You are serious aren’t you?

Your post made me think of an Eddie Izzard quote.
“… I’m partially dyslexic. I was fully dyslexic until I met someone more dyslexic than me and he said ‘no, you’re only partially dyslexic’. There’s a lot of rivalry in the dyslexic camp, rivalry with three 'V’s”

I prefer to call them poseeeeeeeeeeurs, myself.

I’ve always thought of narcolepsy as one of the most scary illnesses one could hanjkrnnjginjtgr5uiorhjtgnowv trmgimtoiwmw

OK, seriously now, serious. Where are these threads where people “think” they have narcolepsy?

Guys, I think serious nodded off…

Somebody wake him up before he go-goes…

Gee, talk about a ‘drive-by’. ‘Cept he’s fallen asleep at the wheel. Vale serious. Nice knowin’ ya

What was it that Spike Milligan threatened to put on his headstone when he died…
See! I told you I was sick.


Im a girl…and to the person that was sticking up for the pitty party…dont you think I can tell the difference between someone who is genuinely curious and concerned and someone that is looking to belong? Im sure it doesnt only happen with Narcolepsy either. And I have a right to be frusterated with it! I have it! Im not just frusterated Im Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…serious:o

Hee! :smiley: When I was typing it out, it didn’t look right :slight_smile:

Well, for someone who suffers from one disease (narcolepsy) you don’t seem to have much empathy for people who suffer from another disease (hypochondria).

Leaving aside pathological hypochondria, pretty much everyone wonders at times if they are displaying symptoms of one disease or another. To someone who has not suffered from a given disease, it’s not easy to distinguish between normal variations in the human metabolism and something that is worthy of concern. So they ask. And you somehow take offense at this.

It is also possible that someone may be suffering from a condition such as hypoglycemia or sleep apnea that causes them to be unduly tired even though they are not suffering from narcolepsy. A considerate answer on your part may help them arrive at a diagnosis (at least reject one hypothesis). Calling them a wannabe is pretty useless.

I absolutely think that hypochondria is valid. There are many diseases and disorders that are valid. I am not talking about the people that are affected by these things. I am talking about people that will try to fake a disease, psychological disorder (hypochondria), neurological disorder (Narcolepsy), or something of the like in order to fit in or more frequently to get drugs. The drugs that are used for Narcoleptics are serious and not really that fun for those of us that genuinely need them. Dont confuse those who are real with those who create their own reality. It is frusterating is all I am saying and really when you have such an odd neurological disorder as I do, sometimes it is frusterating to see people abusing the diagnosis. It makes those of us that are dealing with a real disorder lack creadibility. Take ADD or Depression for example. The over diagnosis of both of these have given them less creadibility. Narcolepsy is Neurological but it is also ambiguous. There is so little known. Maybe that is where the real frusteration comes in. There is not enough known to make it really clear what the symptoms are. But we all know people that do what I am talking about. Just think back to High School.

serious :o

That hits so close to home I may cross stitch it and put it on my wall.

Alright You Lot…which one of you had the gall to stick up for the ‘pitty party’*.

*What the fuck are you talking about serious, seriously!

[nitpick]Oh, and by the way, I think ‘fruster’ is the stuff you get in your eyes when the sandman drops his load overnight.
The word is FRUSTRATED, not FRUSTERATED![/nitpick]