OK, so I got a stack of CD’s, and would like to catalog the tracks/songs thereon.

Since I am lazy, I do NOT want to type all this stuff in.

So, is there a service whereby I can simply load a CD, hit ‘Enter’, and get a playlist?

Since I generally connect at 20-30kbs, the monster services are out of the Q.

Yes, I know I can google each CD/Artist and find most of them, but I am Truly lazy.


You want something that can access GraceNote/CDDB. Search on your own or look here:

If for some reason you didn’t want to go this route, you could manually search CDDB, Tower, CDNow or somewhere else and copy and paste the track listings.

I think that the CD player that ships with newer versions of Windows and Mac OS does this automatically. You might just need to upgrade your player.

For an alternative to CDDB, try out FreeDB it’s almost as comprehensive and, as an added bonus, allows you to download its entire database (fair warning: it’s huge). Most current audio players will automatically connect to 1 of the 2 services, e.g., Winamp, Realplayer, Win Media Player.