CD Cataloger

I would appreciate recommendations on the best software that catalogs a cd/dvd collection.


(I know this has come up before but my searches weren’t finding anything, maybe it was lost in The Great Interregnum)

I use a program called KIC (Keep It Compact)… it’s excellent…

It’s been updated many times from the version I have (it’s now called CD Collector I think)… but even though I’m a registered user, I never bothered to get the newer one (the reason being that the old version has CDDB support… the newer ones have CDDB2 support which I don’t really care for… too much work to submit something :slight_smile:

Anyways, you can find it at

The guy also made a DVD program… but I don’t use it myself…

For DVDs a great program is DVD profiler. All you have to do is type in the UPC code on the back of the case and it queries the database and fills all the info in. I entered my 50 DVD collection in about 30 minutes. You need to register to use it, but it’s free.

You can even upload your collection to a web page if you want to show off!

But does anyone know a good Macintosh one? I’ve got more than 300 DVDs here that need catalogin’.

Ideally, such a program would be “IMDB aware”, as in I put in the title and it can look up actor information and the like.

Since this is a matter of opinion, I’ll move this thread over to IMHO.

I’ve used a handy little program for years to store all my CD information. It’s called, “Microsoft Excel”.

Of course, it has one drawback, being that you have to manually type in all the information…but once that’s done, you can use all sorts of nifty features, like sorting songs by name, adding up time lengths, filtering the list to show only songs with “Death” in the title, etc.

Plus, the program has other uses, I hear. :smiley: