Downloading codecs

“You’ve encountered error message C00D109B while using Windows Media Player.”

How do I know what codec I need? Where to go?

I don’t know which specific codec might be required in your case, but you could try these:

Here’s the only thing you need:


It’s a DirectShow and VFW codec library that will allow you to play just about any video that you’re ever likely to find on the internet. It’s a simple one-step installation, and i’ve never had a single problem with it. Much better than downloading a whole bunch of different, sometimes dodgy codecs from all over the web.

As I download ffdshow, it tells me "can’t write: C:\Program Files\ffdshow\


What comes in handy at times is Gspot.

It’s a small program that will tell you what video and audio codec is needed to play your video file and if you have one or both installed.


I downloaded that today. Now tell me how to use it. I’m looking at the box where I’m supposed to fill in info, and I’ve looked through the list it has of the different codecs or something. Huh?

You just need to go to FILE and then OPEN and select your movie file. It’ll tell you if you have the right codecs instaleld and if not then what to get.

I find that the Nemo Codec Pack has pretty much everything I’d ever need.

The Nimo pack can solve problems, but it can create problems too, I recently found. Some video I had didn’t play properly until I uninstalled Nimo (which is as easy as uninstalling anything, thankfully).


Not sure what the problem is. Sounds like your system problems might extend beyond the issue of codecs, and i’m no expert on this sort of problem. Ffdshow installed fine on my machine, and i don’t know why you’re encountering this error.

That’s the problem, there is no file, b/c it never downloaded- the download stopped 2 seconds in with the codec problem. So what now?

Is there a way to download all the codecs in the f-ing world to my computer?

I mean crap. :rolleyes:

I presume that this means you clicked a link online that was a movie file link – which tried to download and open the movie directly in Win Media Player?

If so, from the link to the file, try right-clicking and selecting “Save File As” and saving the movie file to your hard drive first (rather than opening it directly from the link). You don’t have to have a codec to download a file (just to play it). Note: If this is a streaming media file, you probably won’t be allowed to download it – but if it’s a direct link to an AVI file or something, you should be able to.

If you can download the file, then you can analyze it with GSpot to see what codec it says is needed.

As adviced, do not dowload the Nimo Codec Pack (it’s not being updated anymore anyway), the K-lite pack, the Tsunami pack, or any other everything-you-need codec packs. If you do you will have installed codecs that interfere with each other and your computer. Problems may range from game crashes til system lockups.

(Here are a few details (scroll down) for those interested (I’ve lost the original):
Codec packs are nice if you don’t now much about codecs. You’ll need to download the file you want to play first, then check with Gspot or AviCodec (either will do). Once you know what you need, you can also easily find it on the net as a standalone codec, preferable if you don’t play much multimedia.
A couple of decent codec packs (via

Cole2k Media Pack, Standard version (this one has an uninstaller) - for those playing a lot of files, older or newer, often created by fellow PC users.
The Codecs 2.8 - for those playing standard older and newer files
Codec Pack All-in-1 - for those only playing newer files

There are a few more decent codec packs out there, including a Windows Media Player codec pack for those who want these codec without the hassle of using this player.

The two last packs include MM Stream Switcher, do not install this one though it’s no disaster if you forget.

Make sure that whatever you download does not contain spyware.

This is an interesting thread. I got really pissed off the first time I tried to play a Divx-encoded avi file in Windows Media Player. It said that it didn’t have the codec and would I like it to be downloaded. I say yes. It tells me “error”.


Why doesn’t MS support/include divx codec? Its use seems widespread.

Maybe because it’s not a Microsoft product. If they supported and/or included the divx codec, that would constitute some sort of admission that their crappy .wmv format was not the best way to watch video on a computer. And they’re probably also worried that people will ditch their bloated media player and go with something less annoying.

I can’t remember the last time i use Windows Media Player. My video-watching setup includes just four things:

Media Player Classic

This setup has, so far at least, been able to play every type of video that i’ve found on the web, including avi/divx files, wmv, mpeg, ram, mov, asf, and whatever else you’re likely to come across. And it means that you don’t need RealPlayer or Quicktime on your machine. Media Player Classic works without ever trying to connect to the internet and without asking you to “Upgrade to Pro” or some other annoying thing. I also use MPC for playing DVDs on my computer, although this requires that you already have an mpeg2 decoder on your machine, which you will have anyway if you have any sort of third-party DVD player, like PowerDVD.

I also have the Koepi’s build of the xVid codec. This is not necessary for watching movies, but i use it for encoding (combined with VirtualDub) when i want to make decent-quality, compressed avis.