Downloading WeTransfer files to iPad

I received two movies through WeTransfer and successfully downloaded them to my laptop. No problem at all.

What I really wanted to do was download them to my iPad, but I’m getting nowhere with that. All I get is an icon with a line through it signifying “nope.” They are .avi files. One is 700mb and the other 829mb. I don’t think an issue. What’s the problem? You may have to explain it to me as if I’m 82; apologies in advance.

The iPad doesn’t natively support the .avi container.

An app callled VLC in the App Store might be able to play it though. In the VLC app, paste the link of the video in either the “Network Streams” or “Download” section, depending on if you want stream it or play it locally. I don’t know anything about WeTransfer so it still might not work.

Since you have the files on your computer, you can use VLCs “Sharing via WiFi” option to transfer the videos to your iPad provided your computer and iPad are on the same wifi network. In the VLC app, look for the local URL of you iPad listed under “Sharing via WiFi” and load that URL into your computers browser. You can then drop the file into the browser window and it should be sent to your iPad. It will only be playable in the VLC app, however, not the built in iOS TV app.

It . . . worked.
I can’t believe it. This kind of thing doesn’t happen to me. This kind of thing like this kind of thing like me trying something like this and it working.
Thank you.

Yay! That gives me hope.

I’m amazed VLC worked to let an iPad play an .avi file! Don’t let Apple know. :wink: