Dozens of "zombie" raccoons found dead in New York City's Central Park

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I know NYC is the place that has everything. Apparently even zombie raccoons?

How exactly does a zombie-coon act?

And were they fast or slow zombie raccoons?

My guess is that a distemper epidemic got 'em. Raccoons are vulnerable to distemper, and they don’t exactly have wonderful personal hygiene or any knowledge of the concept of quarantine being wild animals and all.

That, or they got into some junkie’s bath salts stash.

**So, now, it’s finally starting to make sense! **

Zombie Raccoons: good band name!

Zombie Raccoons: good band name!

Twice is nice.

Zombie Raccoons are formidable, no doubt: they’re born in disguise and they have thumbs. They’re a menace and a nuisance. Zombeavers are deadly killers, tho; thank Og it was just raccoons!

We had a raccoon behaving like that in our yard. We had it taken away. Don’t know what happened to it after that.

It was most likely euthanized then its brain examined for rabies.

I had a raccoon with distemper in my back yard and it was acting really weird, kept falling off the stump it was on. Was driving my dogs nuts trying to get at it, but it lucked out and fell into a spot in between two parallel fence sections so they couldn’t get at it. I called Animal Control and that was the end of that.

Not as good as Zombie Trash Pandas.