Dr. Bronner documentary. I must be the last to know.

I’m watching it now on Sundance. It’s pretty darn interesting. I didn’t know the old guy was blind. But on film, he rambles just like his labels.

He makes(made?) a damn fine soap.


What’s it called?

Obligatory Cecil link

That’s an awful title!

I just found it- Dr Bronner’s Magic Soapbox 1230 am Friday morning EDT

All-One! All-One!

Made. Dr. Bronner passed away a few years ago. His family is continuing the business. I think they’ve altered the formula slightly as it doesn’t have quite the same feel that it used to, but it still works and smells great, however.

Made, he died in 1997.

I think they’ve added hemp oil.

They were very definite and proud about it in the movie. I have to say, this is a great documentary. There is absolutely no doubt that the old man was crazier than a shithouse rat, but in a fantastical genuis sort of way.

The entire family is just…freaking nice. I wish they’d expand out here, I’d stand in line for a job with the company. The surviving huggy son is just heartbreakingly sweet.


I’m setting up my VCR for this. Sundance & IFC can have really great human-story docu’s- The Nomi Song, Frazetta: Painting With Fire, Crumb & now this!

The Frazetta documentary sent me over the moon! I’ve been a fan since the old Eerie and Creepy magazines, his Conan covers were magnificent. Just me, but I put his work right up with fine art.

Then to watch him learn to draw and paint after his stroke, I was just gobsmacked. I would love to go to the Frazetta museum, but I fear I might be tempted to break the law and make off with one of his paintings.


I really like Dr Bronner’s! I’ve used their bar soap for awhile and recently a friend of mine told me that with a little bit of baking soda added you can use the liquid soap as a gentle scrubbing cleanser for the bathroom. Also have used the liquid as a laundry soap and it worked wonderfully.

I’ve been using the Dr. Bronner’s hemp & tea tree oil soap for some time–it’s much less drying than regular soap and it smells delicious (at least to me it does). Liquid, I probably prefer the almond soap to the regular peppermint, but that peppermint can be quite refreshing when you need it.

I really liked his peppermint soap, but my skin didn’t care for it. For some reason it would make me dry and itchy.

Hmmm…Did you try diluting it?

You can buy prints, thanks to the marketing genius of Mrs. Frazetta!

What I want to know is- has anyone tried the contraceptive use of the soap? :eek:

OK, I will!