Dr. Laura: Smack-worthy ?

Hi THere all you hungry kids. When I’m not applyin’ the hairnet or scoopin the mashed potatoes, I like to skip around the AM dial on my ol’ Wurlitzer, and I just heard that old gal Doctor Laura, and she was bein’ quite nasty, I do declare.
Now, I understand that if your pappy is a cohabitin’ with some young homewrecker, you best be turnin’ the other cheek, and not mindin’ him at all, but if your entire family’s been blown to tarnation by a twister, she don’t have the right to be screamin’ atcha for feelin’ sorry for yourself.
Just where does she get off is all I’m askin??

Dr. Laura is iminently smack-worthy, but tarnation, child! Why’re you a-talkin’ like some refugee from Dogpatch? If you put yer banjo down you may be able to type in reg’lar English. :slight_smile:

When I saw this thread, I thought, “Dr. Laura: Smack-worthy?” was an inquiry about her recent nikkid photo spread, and whether she’s worth spanking the monkey over. I haven’t seen it so I wouldn’t know myself.

I’d slip her the pig.


The woman is horrible. I listen to her sometimes in the morning for the same reason some folks listen to Howard Stern . . . to see what sort of outrageous bunk she will spout next.

She has a website www.drlaura.com. I once posted a message to her board, which is filled with moral diatribes against sin, saying that my husband and I had lived together before we were married, and he hadn’t used me, or refused to marry me or left me, or treated me poorly, like she direly perdicts on her radio show. Predictably enough, the moderator deleted my message. You can only post when you’re in perfect agreement with her.

I don’t listen to her very much, but I have head Dr. Laura a few times. What I wonder is why the callers call. After all, the calls are screened, so you’re not gonna get through unless they’ve already established that you’re a prime candidate for a Dr. Laura hose-down.

I’ve never heard anyone more obnoxious on radio. Rush is next, although he is right, sometimes.

I just avoid her show at all costs. It’s pretty easy, just flip that dial.

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The sad thing is, it seems that everyone in my family eats her BS up like bread and butter. I tried explaining to them once that Dr. Laura didn’t even get her doctorate in psychology (I think it’s in physiology, but I’m not sure), but that didn’t seem to help. I am somewhat interested in that “statistic” that says that couples who cohabitate before marriage have a 50% higher divorce rate, considering it seems to go in the face of logic. The only thing I can think of that would skew that stat is the fact that most couples who cohabitate don’t have the hyper-strong religious values that generally occur in those who won’t, and hyper-strong religious value families usually frown on divorce no matter how unhappy you are. Does anyone else have any opinions on this?

If you search the net for ‘Dr. laura nude pictures’ you can see a set of them she did.

So I thought smack-worthy was another idea :slight_smile:

I see a flaw in that statistic. Maybe I’m not thinking correctly, but if the divoce rate for all Americans is around 50% or so, and if the rate for cohabitating couples who marry is 50% higher than those that did not, is Dr. Laura saying that 100% of people who lived together before marriage going to get divorced?

A couple of months ago, a womaan called in and was asking Laura a question. Laura said very snippily “I don’t like your tone.” The woman replied; “Well, I don’t like you either!” and slammed down the phone. It was great.

Her pompous, holier-than-thou-could-be-in-a-million-years attitude really annoys me. When those infamous photos were taken, she was cheating on her husband, whom she later divorced. And technically, she’s not a stay-at-home mom either. Her hypocracy greatly diminishes her credibility in my eyes.

No, she’s saying that 75% are.

Dr. Laura is a sexless, mysogynist psycho-bizacula.
Proof? Simply read the Vanity Fair article on her from September.
This deluded creature calls herself a “prophet”, hasn’t spoken to her mother or sister in over 20 YEARS, and is just plain evil.
ALso, Dr. Susan Bloch, a sex columnist, has this running curse on her, you can find it on the internet, it’s pretty damn hilarious.
But truly, I do believe Dr. Laura is a mean, filthy McNasty liar.

I guess the thing that burns me about her is her ranting against women (with children) working outside the home. HELLO! CAn you say “starve to death without 2 incomes”. NOt all of us make 6 figures, Dr. Laura, and hey, don’t YOU have small children at home? I don’t think your studio is in your house! You can smell the hypocrisy from here!

Carpe Diem! or at least seize something!

Bead - The theory(?) behind the “higher divorce rate after co-habitation” goes like this:

Couples who live together but are not married do so because there is much less commitment involved. Either person can leave at any time - no muss, no fuss, no lawyers (unless someone screams “palimony!”). When the union is made “legal” through marriage, it is usually because of pressure from one half of the couple or through common law, not necessarily because the commitment level has increased. Thus a higher divorce rate.

I have seen these figures bandied about plenty of times, but have never seen the studies behind them. 'Till we can see the studies and how they were conducted, it’s just more unsubstantiated statistics (see my sig line). Oh, and I believe her doctorate is in Sociology.

“I’m not a psychologist, but I play one on the radio.”

The overwhelming majority of people have more than the average (mean) number of legs. – E. Grebenik

In the Bay Area, of all places, you can hear Dr. Laura on KGO for 3 hours every weekday afternoon. Both my aunt and I were visitng Mom’s house and Aunt had Dr. Laura on, though I begged her not to. Well, I’m doing my best to ignore the yacking, but a phrase does catch my attention and I ask What crime was he convicted of? Aunt snorts and looks at me bleary-eyed. The notion of Dr. L as lullaby hadn’t occurred to me until then!

(And her advice sucked. The caller had overheard some relative discussing the caller’s father’s criminal past and wanted to know who to talk to about it - Dad, Mom, the relative? The pearl she received was Forget about it - it’s none of your business Huh?

The first (and only) time I ever heard “Doctor” Laura, the divorced woman she was talking to had called to find out what to do about her (just slightly pre-teen) son, who was throwing temper tantrums every time she attempted to go on a date (and was also being generally disobedient in other ways).

The main point of the answer as far as I could tell seemed to be “Your son is right; women who have children don’t have any business dating.” I immediately changed the channel and I’ve avoided that station since.

A few points to clarify:

  1. Dr Laura got her doctorate in physiology, but she is post-graduate certified in marriage and family counseling. She used to be in private practice.

  2. She doesn’t say that women with children shouldn’t work, only that a parent should be home when the children are home. She doesn’t oppose the father staying home while the mother works or mothers holding jobs that allow them to be home by the time the kids get home from school.

  3. Sure she’s a bitch, and I disagree with much of what she says, but it’s hard to sympathize with her callers. Often the situations they describe that they’ve gotten themselves into deserve rebuke, and if they’re calling her for advice, they must listen to and be familiar with the show, so they have no right to expect anything but to have their heads bitten off.

  4. She’s simply symptomatic of the mentality that makes such a big success out of shows like Jerry Springer and Judge Judy–people taking smug satisfaction in feeling morally superior to dysfunctionals who are sacrificially skewered for the entertainment pleasure. I get a kick out of her listening to her myself sometime.

BunnyGirl said:

Not to defend Dr. Laura, but you really don’t need to make 6 figures to keep one parent home. My wife stays home with our children, and we’re doing just fine (believe me, I don’t make anything near 6 figures). It just takes a choice in the way you live.

Actually, where I think she is most hypocritical is the way she reacted to those nude pictures. First she claimed the owner of the photos was lying (when in fact she was the liar). She only came clean when the photos were put on the web, and then she made excuses, saying it was because she was an atheist then(!!).

“It’s a very dangerous thing to believe in nonsense.” – James Randi

I have heard DR. Laura a few times and I could not stand her. This Women does not give advise she acts as if she were a critic. She is constatly pointing out mistakes with out offering solutions.

Well, I’m an atheist… Let me check something…

Nope, my pants are still on.