Dr. Romano, it is I, Ensign Pulver!

The first five minutes of ER (5/02) vs. the last five minutes of the American classic, Mr. Roberts.

I think the adaptation of Roberts’ letter was so perfectly done, I’m almost ready to consider it an homage, rather than a ripoff.

Agree? Disagree?

Disagree. What started as a glib attempt at a “twist” (which all the ads telegraphed relentlessly Don’t miss the first shocking 5 minutes!!!) became a blatant and obvious appropriation when the rude receptionist only wanted to post the last page. Did he even listen to the letter? What good would that have done? It made no sense in context and the emotional payoff when Our Hero (John Carter) said to post the whole thing was Nil. Blech. Goodbye Mark, but what a insipid way to go.

Switched to South Park right after, which had possibly the greatest Clip Show ever (though that does seem a contradiciton in terms).

Carter and Luka are hot.

That is all.

I missed the last 10 minutes of ER. Obviously I missed something critical. Could someone please give me a summary?