Dr. Seuss Tribute Poem

Let me first say please excuse the mistake if this is posted in the wrong section, I am new here…

With that, the question -

When Dr. Seuss passed away I was in high school. My English teacher had a comic strip with a poem dedicated to Seuss. It showed a view from a desk into a hallway where all his characters stood looking in. The poem mentioned something about “Why won’t you come out and play today”. It was extremely sad and very beautiful. I have tried in vain for years to find this comic, and I am beginning to think that I dreamed the whole thing up. If anyone has any idea what I am talking about, please please let me know.


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Sorry about placing the ad in the wrong section, like I said, I am new here and I was unsure where it should go…

You’re not thinking of this one, are you?

Thanks but no, the one I was thinking about was focused on his death. Guess it is just not out there. Too bad, it was amazing.