Dr. T and the Women ... and co-workers and families ...

Yup. The iconic but now-venerable Mr. T is back in a new series. A sequel to The A-Team, you ask? Nope. Another Rocky movie? Hell naw. Re-joining the WWE?

How about as a relationship guru for a new reality TV show? Y’know, like Dr. Phil but with a lot more muscle-flexing and mowhawk.

I pity the fool that says “No.”

I can only imagine how this will go.

Wife: He just doesn’t listen to me. I keep trying to explain things to him but he’s all like “Nuh-uh, we do it my way” and all that. I can’t live like this anymore.
Husband: But she’s all up in my face and screeching like a harpy and telling all what to do and I never get a moment’s peace.
Mr. T: Shut up! Shut up, the both of you! You both whiny little bitches and you need to work it out ‘fo’ I knock you both into next Sunday, y’hear? Now getcho ass off the couch and make me a sammich!

During a break:

“It sounds like your woman over there needs a little attention and proof that you love her. I tell you what, after the show I will give you a gold chain that you can have melted down and made into a half dozen rings, 42 sets of earrings, all the teeth fillings she could ever want, and a little bust of her. Spread giving them out to one every couple of months and she will worship you. Don’t worry, I got 25 more just like it in my car”.