Dr Watson has died

My apologies for the bluntness of thread title but I wanted to be sure everyone who knew him got the message. I just found out myself and I’m still in shock.

For those who knew Doc but haven’t heard, he died yesterday from injuries he received in an accident last week while traveling in Africa. Other members of his family were injured but apparently will be alright. Except of course for the loss of Doc.

Many of you didn’t know Dr Watson. He wasn’t a poster on the SDMB. (To the best of my knowledge, the SDMB posters who used the screen names watson and Dr. Watson are fine.) But he was a long time resident at the F3 board. His humor and story telling skills there are legendary.

At the Rochester Dopefest last October, I, along with several other people from both the F3 and SD boards, was fortunate enough to meet Doc and he proved to be as warm and funny in person as he was online. He will be missed.


I think he did post here for some time as Dr. Watson, and before that as Watson&Crick, I think. I always enjoyed his posts, and missed him when he stopped posting here. (He had problems with vB, IIRC)

Doesn’t he have two rather young children? I can’t imagine how they must be feeling now.

Oh! Dr Watson’s dead??

Oh! Not that Watson??

Oh! Hunh??