Dr Watson????

I noticed that Dr. Watson has posted over in GD. He hasn’t been on the board in a while because of some computer problems when the board updated.

Dr. Watson, are you back??? I sure hope so. We’ve missed you.

Dr. Watson is back? Dr. Watson the erudite, the demented, the urbane? Excellent news, if it is indeed so.


Your PC has Dr watson.

Search your files for ‘watson’ youll find a dr watson. Yep.

Dr Watson is a program on your PC that is useful for diagnosis.

How did you know that? Are you Sherlock?

It does appear to be Dr. Watson, although the e-mail is hidden.

I don’t think it looks like the same one. The original Dr.Watson is a reg over at Opal’s board ( http://fff.fathom.org/cgi-bin/Ultimate.cgi?action=intro ), and the profile for that Dr.Watson is different for the one posting in Great Debates. They don’t sound the same to me, either.

Anybody know?

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