Dr. Who 12/22/06

The English invented a language they cannot speak.
Or pronounce.

What the hell did the Dr. say to Rose

After she said “I love you.” Sound like “Number Two” or “Quite right, too.”

See this thread: Doctor Who Season Finale - 12/22 - Army of Ghosts / Doomsday (Spoilers)

The Doctor replied “Rose Tyler” … he got cut off.

Before that.
Rose says, “I love you”
The Dr. Says, “mumble, mumble” (Quite right?)
Then he says, “Rose Tyler,” and quite undoctor like apparently miscalculated and is cut off.

Tell you what let me go replay the end, it is on my DVR. Give me about 5-10 minutes.

Rose: " I Love You"
Dr: "Quite all right too … And I suppose, if it is my last chance to say it … Rose Tyler … "

I verified with Closed Caption on.


Then Closed Caption got it wrong – he said “Quite right too”. A common expression in the UK, but apparently one not used in the US.

Since there’s another thread on this show, and the link is provided above, and the question asked by the OP is answered, I’m closing this one.

I just add: We always watch Dr Who with the closed-captions on, the accents are so thick and the British slang so prevalent, we miss a lot. At least, with the captions, we understand that we don’t understand it.