Dr Who 2.10 (Spoilers)

Obligatory spoiler-free first post.

Was this crap or what? I didn’t actually watch much of it because it seemed so crap I kept switching away (then switching back 5 minutes later). The geek girlfriend was rather cute, though.

Yeah, i’m sure i’ve seen her in something else. Very recognizable voice…ah! Moaning Myrtle in the Harry Potter films?

The ending just creeped me out.

Yep. That’s her!

I didn’t think it was crap. I did think it was very unusual, though.

The problem was they had severe restrictions for that episode:

  1. The monster was created by a 10 year old boy who won a competition to get his monster in an episode
  2. They had no budget for this one, as the Christmas episode was additional to their yearly quota
  3. They had no time to shoot it, so couldn’t use the Doctor and Rose much. It was shot simultaneously by a second unit, while the previous episode was shot.

I liked aspects of it - I thought the main characters were well played. But the monster itself was a bit crap, really.

The Scooby Doo shot was funny, if you accept that this was Elton’s starstruck recollection of it, rather than what actually occurred.

Arguably the least episode of the season (though I personally didn’t like the old TV one much), but I don’t think it was so bad.

I liked the premise of the episode but it did induce a far greater number of cringes than I generally find acceptable: Bliss’ new home on the Absorbaloff (oh, it’s a butt joke. Well done, lads), the Scooby Doo moment (I always hated this in Scooby Doo, too. Was it ever funny to anyone?), Elton’s “We even have a love-life of sorts…” comment at the end (okay, I was thinking it just before Elton said it, but some jokes are best left to the viewers to make at home).

Marc Warren was quite enjoyable as Elton; I have extraordinarily high expectations of him when he plays Mr Teatime, one of my all-time favourite villains ever, in the TV adaptation of Hogfather this Christmas.

I have heard he is going to be Rose’s replacement when she leaves the show.

Really? Where did you hear that, pray tell? I would be greatly surprised if her replacement were anything other than another attractive young lass.

Just a bloke at work I’m afraid. I gave some credence to the idea just because it gave some reason for what was other wise a terrible & pointless episode (IMO).

I’m interested to know what your source is for these fascinating bits of trivia – “Dr Who Confidential,” perhaps?

(Since I’m in the US, I don’t bother about watching the behind-the-scenes commentaries, but then again, I have little idea of their content, much less if their content is genuinely of interest).

I’m not sure where the other information is from, but the competition thing I can tell you; it was on Blue Peter , a kids show we have over here (I don’t know of an American equivalent, sorry). It was pretty well publicised.

Possibly my favorite episode ever.

I’m just a sucker for episode that completely break from formula, and step away to background characters to examine what happens in the wake of the leads and their adventures.

Plus, hey, ELO.

In this case, no. I listened to the podcast/commentary that’s downloadable from the BBC site. But I imagine Dr Who Confidential this week had a lot of that information too.

I spent much of the episode cringing. And yet, for all that, I think it was actually a pretty good episode. Possibly because I found so many of the characters recognisable.

I could only think, “Yeah, if a bunch of ordinary geeks got involved with the Doctor, this really is how it would probably go.” Bear in mind, of course, that virtually the whole episode is coloured by being seen through Elton’s eyes/memory.

As for the Absorbaloff … meh. Didn’t think it was intrinsically any worse, or less convincing, than the Slitheen. (Not that that’s actually saying much.)