Doctor Who Revival S8E3 -- Robots of Sherwood (boxed spoilers until it airs on the West Coast)

Same rules as before.

Robots. And Robin Hood. Can Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman rescue a Gatiss script with a silly premise from mediocrity? Probably not, but let’s be optimistic!

Apparently this one has had a last minute edit

Originally there was a beheading in it, and that has been, err, chopped. This is kind of understandable given that there’s a British man lined up to be ISIS’s next western victim

It is a Gatiss script, and he’s been patchy, and it is a historical, so let’s hope they get the comedy tone right. I say this as a fan of the Agatha Christie episode, so YMMvery wellV

Well, that was the rompiest romp that ever romped.

It was fun, though the arguing between Robin and the Doctor went on too long.

The plot doesn’t stand up to any scrutiny, though. Why did they need workers when they had robots? And wasn’t it damn convenient that the arrow had just enough gold to save the day? Not that that’s a flaw – it was too much fun to worry about it.

Also, play spot the reference when you watch it. I liked that a lot, to be honest.

Yeah, it won’t go down as a classic episode. It wasn’t a “Blink” or a “Vincent and the Doctor”. But it was more fun than a box of kittens.

Oh, and apparently I directed it. Well, unless there’s another Paul Murphy around somewhere, but that seems unlikely given that I have such an unusual name :smiley:

Thomas a Kempis. Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. The stupid hat from the Disney version, where the hat is most of his disguise? I’m missing references, though.

That was fun and very silly. I like how crotchety the Doctor is, and I like that Clara is getting to be intelligent.

The Sheriff reminded me a lot of Roger Delgado and Anthony Ainley he kept reminding me of The Master from classic Who.

No Missy appearance this time…sort of disappointing, actually…

They rarely do. The trick is to not let it bother you. Well, the very best trick is to not notice it, but that’s hard for Dopers. :wink:

Apparently Missy is “the Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere”
Of course we won’t know what that means until a few episodes later.

When the computer was showing images of Robin Hood, one of them was TV’s first ever Robin, played by …

That’s Troughton, right?

Looks like the first order of business for next week’s episode had better be…

building a new sonic!

No, judging by the preview, the first order of business for next episode is figuring out why Moffat hates children.

It was about as uninteresting as I expected it to be. Robin Hood is just not a legend that I am particularly thirsting to see yet another take on, so it would’ve taken a pretty fantastic script to make me want to pay attention.

It felt like a story more suited for a Missing Adventures novel.

I. An not

I can not wait to see reaction to next week’s episode. I did like this week.

But the computer showed the original destination of the space ship. So that was this weeks arc bit.