drabble with me!

Any Dopers out there who want to write drabbles?

As the saying goes, (exactly) 100 words isn’t much. And if you write one, you can tell the next person what theme to write about, if you want.

I’ll start it off with one about trigeminal neuralgia:

First taker, pick your own topic.

Theme: stranger in a strange land

Never gotten used to the gravity here. That is, if I am in fact here. Fell asleep standing up in an alley again, apparently. Jerk awake to find myself hurtling towards the feces-spattered cement. Land facedown in miasma of semi-liquid stink, boxed in on either side by seething brick anthills. The world’s tilted, covered with greasy grit; streetlights prism spasmodically. Suspect I have been drugged, back-brain suppressor most likely. So I been mickeyed. Who hasn’t? Wonder if I squealed anything. Looking down, realize that I’m in someone else’s clothes, Feel queasy and fight down The Fear. I could be anyone.

Next theme: it’s a dog’s life.