How messed up is your brain?

Wanna get an idea of how crazy you are? Do a stream of consciousness (Where you type as fast as you can without putting any thought into what you write, not even correcting spelling errors and typos. Just write whatever comes to mind.), and post it here. C’mon, it’ll be fun.<cackle> I’ll come back with mine in a couple minutes.

Too much, FreelyFreak, not it isn’t.

Slip out of the sky and into a glade a merry glow in every shade traipsing in a floating boat the waters are deep climb the troll to safety and find golden pot of gold now you can see that house from here take never out to dinner and see the fate it play anothewr table setting salt for pepper and nary a fork unto the checkered surface owl of creamy texture snifff my earlobe swine you sicken me take an appple itll get you sick hehehhehe like the chicken in your eyes goody i like more butter on the bun but not with gravy cuz gravy kills like an escaped monkey killing everyone it sees with a shoe sniff the shoe make it go away!!!

I’m sorry, I just can’t do it. I started out writing something, and didn’t look at the screen the whole time. When I looked up, I didn’t understand a word. I think I hit the wrong keys 50% of the time. Then again, maybe that’s what my brain’s really like…

Well, I can already see that I am obviously quite brain-damaged. The question is, was I always like this? <shudder>


I don’t believe you Angkins! You’re covering up!


C’mon… tell me…

What’s in your brain?

What am I supposed to write in here? Writing is just weird isn’t it you can live in your own dream world happy as can be skip around lalalalala just be your own crazy little self. But then aren’t we all crazy at our innermost point? I mean if we weren’t life would just eb boring wouldn’t it? Oh I wanna see Chicken Run but I can’t the dumb thing is playing at the coliseum and I’m not paying 30 bucks (just for me) to go see a movie and have snacks. Thats ludicrous. I’m so hungry have only had mints to eat today and a couple cans of cola. My brother is going to the store so I’m having him pick up chips and dill pickle dip. Does anyone love dill pickle like I do? I eat tons of stuff thats either dill, garlic or onion flavoured in some way. Sometimes I’m surprised people don’t avoid me completely. But then I’m just weird and maybe refuse to see that everyone is doing so. Crazy huh?
blinks Okay maybe that wasn’t what you meant its just a bit of rambling on my part. I just typed what came to mind.

okay, here goes…
I don’t know what to say
I don’t know what to say
I don’t know what to say
I don’t know what to say
I don’t know what to say…:smiley:

<blinking in amazement>

No, actually that was easily the sanest stream of consciousness I have ever seen. You win the prize.

<shaking my head>


i just spent the last hour and a half screaming that i was feeling like i was being raped and curling into a fetal position… it felt like acid was being poured over me or like if i turned over a whirling wheel of razors would shred me to pieces

it was pretty fucking frightening.

matt, you have to stop going to that McDonalds…

i haven’t been to mcdonalds in four years.


but the description you gave was eerily like what happened to me at mcDonald’s on St. Laurent…:slight_smile:

you’re a montrealer?

do you see any fireworks outside yet???..happy St. Jean…

sweet. anyway, where are the fireworks? (The only ones I know of are tomorrow.)


I’m starting to think maybe I’m the craziest person here… COOL!

I really think life is so terribly depressing. I really do. I’m trying my best to just type a stream-of-consciousness thing here, but my general anal tendencies toward always correcting spelling and grammatical mistakes keeps me from effectively doing so. Of course, I suppose that I could just talk about whatever I wanted and still type and spell correctly, but I guess that doesn’t really make a difference. I really am looking forward to going to college, you know. That way I can finally feel like I can think for myself instead of having my parents always telling me what to do. I can take the computers apart whenever I damn well want and they can’t tell me not to. I can watch TV in nothing but my boxer shorts and there won’t be anything they can do about that either. I can listen to my music at whatever damn volume I want and they won’t tell me to turn it down (although I guess the people living in the apartments or dorms adjacent to me would complain, so then I’d have the landlord/dorm Nazi telling me to turn it down). Grr. I think that everything in today’s society is too controlling. Everything’s too rigid and structured. Look at this message board. All the messages on it are arranged by topic and within the topic by the date and time they were posted. At least it doesn’t try to alphabetise them, because then that would really screw things up. Maybe we should have it alphabetise them instead of organising them by date and time. That would probably mess with a lot of people’s heads. I guess that would be the point of that, wouldn’t it? Try something different. Try something that wasn’t structured and rigid. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Just let everything flow. Organise it however you want. It’s interesting studying languages (and I like to study languages…I want to become a linguist or somebody who is heavily involved with the study of languages, and I suppose that you don’t necessarily have to be a linguist to do that) because that shows you how people think. Look at German, for example. In German you have to put the verb or verbs at the end of the sentence under certain conditions. I wonder if that’s how Germans think. They think “Gee, I have to do this, but if this condition comes along, then I should do something else”. Maybe that’s why German products are usually high-quality, because they anticipate and have appropriate responses for everything. I wish I could have an appropriate response for this thread. I feel like my stream-of-consciousness is very cold and unforgiving. Maybe that’s how I am. Cold and unforgiving. I just got in a fight with my parents about an hour ago, in fact, which is what prompted that stuff about being glad to go away at the beginning of my post. I got in a fight with them because I took one of their computers apart to take the CD burner out so I could try it in another computer, because it kept coastering in that computer. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Neither did my attempts to reason (at least from my perspective…I imagine that they thought that I was just being unreasonable) with them…or, at least, my mother…my dad just yelled at me. Anyway…I forgot what I was saying. I hate forgetting what I was saying (or typing in this case). I always get off track way too easily. Now I remember what I was going to say. I’m a freak. Anyway…and I forgot what I was going to say again. I always feel like I have this very tenuous grip on some of my thoughts. I wonder if any of those herbal supplements actually help improve your memory, because if they do, I’ll buy them by the truckload. Too bad they’re not magical pills or something. Just take one single pill and suddenly you can remember absolutely everything. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? If there were such a magic pill, I’d take a whole bunch of them (not at the same time…don’t want to overdose) so I could learn all these languages. I want to learn how to speak German fluently (my German isn’t that great yet…I’ve only been taking it for 4 years, and I won’t be able to take it next year because there is no German 6. I should be in German 5, but I got skipped ahead a year in my German classes because I was doing so well, and also because there was no German 4). I also want to learn how to speak Japanese, Chinese, and especially Finnish, because Finnish seems like such an interesting language. Any language that agglutinates as heavily as Finnish has to be interesting. It’s not even an Indo-European language like English, French, German, or Russian. It’s Finno-Ugric. I wonder how it got all the way up to Finland? It must have been quite a stretch for it to go from Hungary to Finland. Maybe it went the other way. Maybe it went from Finland to Hungary. After all, they ARE called Finno-Ugric languages, not Hungo-Ugric languages, or Magyar-Ugric languages. I dunno. Languages are such a confusing thing, but they’re still fascinating. Anyway, back to the CD burner thing. It keeps coastering when I try to burn an audio CD, which pisses me off. I have all this music that I want to burn to CD for my “holiday” (not much of a holiday if you ask me, but I already bitched about it to my parents and they didn’t do a damn thing except tell me that I should enjoy it, which I’m not going to), and I can’t. It really annoys me. And my parents are here telling me that I should always ask permission before I take either of their computers apart, and I almost made everything go to hell by telling them to fuck off. I really wish they’d stop bothering me about the computers, especially when I know about 500 times more about computers than they do. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really stop them from bothering me about them and always trying to set rules and regulations on what I do with them. Fuck the rules. I want to think for myself. I don’t want somebody else controlling me all the time. They even got annoyed when I bought a PlayStation last month and brought it in. I hadn’t owned a console for about 7 or 8 years…they took my Nintendo away when I was little after I didn’t want to eat dry toast. That sucked. They started liking the PlayStation a whole lot after I bought Gran Turismo off a friend for 15 bucks, though. They liked it even more when I bought a second controller, because then my parents raced each other (and screwed up quite spectacularly). Then I took it upstairs and now I keep it in my room. Tomorrow I’m taking it on the trip without telling them in the hopes that any of the places we stay at will have a TV with audio and video inputs (maybe it’ll even have audio inputs for both channels instead of just one…stereo sound is so much better than mono sound), so then I can hook it up to that. I would have brought an RF adapter, but I don’t have enough money for one, and this would be the only time that I would have use for it, because the TV I normally have the PlayStation hooked up to has audio/video inputs on the front. I hooked the video into the TV and hooked the audio inputs into a pair of old computer speakers I found that actually had RCA inputs on the back. That was a surprise. I wish I had a good job, so I could get a little money. I applied for a job at Pizza Hut. I’ll probably get accepted, but I won’t be able to start until like July 5th, because I don’t get back from “holiday” until the 3rd. That sucks. I need some money now. If I had money, I could have bought the RF adapter. Hopefully I won’t need the RF adapter, but you never know. It’d be nice if I didn’t. I also want to upgrade my computer. My computer’s about 18 months old. It’s not really slow or anything (it’s nice and fast for what I need it for, except sometimes it drags in games like Quake 3…stupid Matrox need to put out better video drivers, or I need a faster processor), but I want to get a Duron. The Duron seems like a really nice processor. It’s a Thunderbird with less cache, but it’s really cheap. It’s cheaper than the Celeron II, in fact. I think. It’s definitely a much better deal than a Celeron. Maybe AMD will have some SMP boards for the Duron, so then I could have a dual-processor Duron system. That’d be nice. It’d also be nice if Sony would drop the launch price of the PlayStation 2 down to $200 from $300. That would make it a lot more affordable, and then it’d be a lot easier for me to make enough money to buy one. Then I could actually watch those DVDs I bought a long time ago for my computer. I can’t use my DVD drive now because Matrox haven’t released a DVD player for Windows 2000. They say they’re going to release one soon, but they say that about just about everything. Stupid corporate types. I wonder if I’ll work in a corporation, or if I’ll start my own business. My parents own their own business. It doesn’t seem like something I’d want to do. Maybe I’ll just become a college professor. I could teach languages, or Chemistry. I’m sure I’ll meet a professor at college who will become my mentor per se…it’d be nice if I had somebody to talk to. Somebody to whom I could talk on just about anything. That’d be nice. No organisation. Just talk. Just like this post.

I must be insane.