How messed up is your brain?

Rescind, next time could you make your cries for help a little shorter? You lost me about two lines in.

For what it’s worth, I have found that being an obsessive/compulsive means I can’t kill myself. Do you know how hard it is to get every last detail right for that? And who’s going to clean up the mess? Not those worthless kids of mine. They’d leave blood all over the place. And my wife wouldn’t even bother to Spackle the bullet hole. She’d expect me to do it. “Honey, could you pull yourself out of that pool of blood and plug it up? The draft is giving me a headache.”

Not joking, kid, but they have real good meds for that.

I think I must have been having one of my saner moments. There are times when I get in fights with myself. Its usually easier when I’m double screening in chat though.

takes the prize Thanks though. grins and tries to bite it to see if its edible

Don’t worry Topaz, we all have those days. It’s just a mood, it’ll pass.

I see I’m not the only one reading Joyce at the moment.


I have to pee. I really really have to pee. I think it’s because of that drink Andrew gave me. I shouldn’t have taken it, cause I know very well that I’d feel obligated to drink the whole thing. And damn, now I have to pee. I could just get off my ass and go… but that involves walking. Damn do my feet hurt from dancing last night. Well, not so much my feet, but my ankle. Wowsers. I think it might even be a little bit swollen. Ah well. At least now I know not to wear my boots when dancing. Or at least don’t wear my boots when I know I’ll be dancing on a speaker… cause when I’m up there, I really pump it. I’d feel like a cheese if I didn’t. Okay, I REALLY have to pee. Man, am I lazy. I have to take a shower too… so I may as well just go and get it over with. I’d like to listen to my new C.D while in the shower… but mom is asleep… Dad, maybe too. I don’t know. I didn’t see the truck in front of the house when I got home this morning, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s at work… Hell, he may have just parked in the garage. AI! I’m going to pee now.

Remember, pee on yourself and the world pees with you.

I hate my toe it always hurts because I messed it up a few years ago and I’m too damn lazy to go to the doctor and get it fixed. Iwent to Dianaa’s birthday today. I didn’t get her anything because I don’t have any money. She says that she already got me something for my birthday and that it’s cool. I know what it is. it’s a resin Superman statue that we saw in the mall that one day. I’m not bothering to fix most of the spelling imstakes in this even though I can tell that I"m making them. I’m watching TV while I type this. I had some ber at Diana’s but I’m not drunk. They made me take a shot of bodka too. I used to have a huge thing for her but now I’m just friends. I think it’s better that way, although I really am pretty lonely. I needa girlfreind. I gotta get laid too. I get really horny. My thoughts have just trailed off. Tomorrow I have to go buy a cable for Diana andI’m probably going to get some speaker wire for my car. I’m almost finished building my passenger side kick panel. I just have to finish the top and sand it down and shit. My mom treies to tell me what to do, and I think it’s funny. I never listen to her anymore. And I think I’m spent.


Okay Homer, you are officially sane. Extremely sane.

:::takes the prize from Topaz and gives it to Homer:::

Ummm, just ignore the bite-marks.

:Stuffs a small blue bunny back into a glass cage:

We are not getting into this now. :slight_smile:

You know what drives me absolutely batshit? It’s that when I come her and I post things I never seem o get ANY kind of responses. Either the thread dies completly or people just go on talking around me as if I never entered in the first place. It’s like I’m invisible! “Over here, Huey…” and if you caught that reference you are waayyyy too much of a Python fan. But seriously has this happened to other people? I’m beginning to wonder if my whole life is going to be like the school reunion I just went to over the weekend. Because I was the ONLY GUY from my graduating class who showed up (it was a realllyyy tiny school and the reunion was for multiple years) and even though I had lots of people tell me wow you look terrific and how handsome you’ve become, did any of them want to get with me? NOOO… I’m very alone. Dry spell exceeding two years now, anyone with me on that one? Bats on the prairie eating through dental work while the fire hydrants rain fog over all the new Lexus cars and people standing underground stop and cock their heads sideways to hear the distant sounds of Pet Clark singing “Downtown” because all over the ladybug’s back the mitochondria are growing up to the size of Block, the author of those incredibly funny Bernard Rhodenbarr the thief novels and no one can figure out why sometimes the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.
Gee, that was fun!

Um…if you try to do stream-of-consciousness and nothing comes out, does that mean your brain is empty?


BigGiantHead–sorry you’re feeling ignored…


:::Finishes beer and proceeds to turn in for the night:::

:cool::eek::o:(;j:mad::rolleyes::):p;):smiley: :cool::eek::o:(;j:mad::rolleyes::):p;):smiley: :cool::eek::o:(;j:mad::rolleyes::):p;):smiley:
:rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for that laugh, Bluepony.

I’d try writing a response but it’d just be me ranting about how much my perfectionism sucks.
– Sylence