Stupid, stupid brain

I have been tossing on turning all night. No sleep at all. All because my stupid brain latched onto an question. It just wouldn’t let it go, and wouldn’t slow down for the two minutes needed to drift off to sleep. And then my internet went down and unitl 5 minutes ago I was unable to find the answer all quell the curiousity.

And what was this all-consuming question.

Did I have a question of the cosmos? No
Did I have an insight into curing cancer? Of course not.
Was it an ispiration about renewable energy? No way Jose.
Did it relate to world peace? Hell no.
Did it even have anything to do with my situation in life and how to better it? Buzzzzt!

No I have been wasting the night focused all that all important of questions.

Does a chicken have a fibula?

:smack: :smack:
Stupid, stuuuuuuuuuuuuupid brain.

Thank you for an early morning laugh - that’s so profound! :smiley:

That’s the small outer bone on the leg right? I think they have them. Atleast, last time I ate one from KFC, I seem to remember that little annoying bone when trying to get to the goods.

Yes, it does.

Sleep well now!