drano test for gender of baby: dangerous?

someone i know is suggesting that her friends do this home test to determine the gender of an unborn baby. i am wondering if it could be dangerous.

it seems pretty stupid to me to be playing with chemicals while pregnant, but i don’t know for sure that it’s actually dangerous. do any of you know?

Sounds dangerous, but I’ve heard it accurate fully 50% of the time.

You do know what happens when you mix a base (lye) and an acid, (uremic acid) right?

Same thing, regardless of the gender of the foetus.

A prank. It would have been less irresponsible if they claimed that it was a drug test or something.

Snopes is your friend.

A 1:1 mix of Sodium hydroxide (drano) and water will boil quickly even without the addition of an acid. If you foolishly put together the mixture in a narrow mouthed container or graduated cylinder you stand a good chance of creating a geyser of boiling lye:eek:

Yes, but will the geyser of boiling lye be able to demonstrate whether it’s a boy or girl?

so i can safely tell people that this girl is nuts and not to try it, right?

No, tell them she’s wrong and give them correct information with a cite. Possibly she’s only enthusiastically misinformed, not crazy.