DrDeth's suspension

Did you report those banneble posts by the moderator?

Did you report the posters who attacked you?

He did and he was wrong. He is wrong a lot.
In his first post in this thread he says I dislike him and speak badly about him in the pit and at another board. None of this is true.

He is trying to play victim, don’t buy it.

I’m not here to continue our argument from the alien thread, so I’ll keep things general. In the interest of you not being banned in the near future (and FWIW I definitely don’t want you to be banned) I think it’s important to set the record straight.

You were not “attacked” in that thread. You just misunderstood the discussion at hand, and dug your heels in when we tried to explain your mistake to you.

Another poster put forward a hypothesis - “what if the reason for our observations was X?” K9bfriender and I looked at what what kind of situation would allow X to occur, and, given X, what else might be true, and whether those assumptions and other effects would still be consistent with our observations.

You popped into the thread telling us we were both fools for believing X.

We both, repeatedly, tried to explain to you that no, we aren’t arguing that X is true; we were trying to explore X as an explanation for our observations, and to determine whether it made any sense. In other words, “X isn’t a good explanation for our observations because, given X, Y is also likely, and Y doesn’t match our observations.”

But you insisted on lecturing us about how X was farfetched, totally missing the point, and going on long beyond the point of reasonable discussion.

FWIW, I didn’t report your post, as while certainly frustrating and derailing to the thread I didn’t think your steadfast refusal to get the point was against the rules.

I am glad to know that I was wrong, and will report such behavior in the future rather than continuing to argue. And I am very glad that the thread has moved on to more productive discussion since.

With all respect, and not trying to gang up on you, but the Pit thread about you is now at 730 posts and counting. Now granted, it being the Pit, more than half those posts are non-serious or completely off topic, but it would take a particular kind of denial to not recognize that some of the posts are substantive and on-point and that there really is a systemic problem here that is not just due to one mod or one or two posters taking a “personal dislike” to you. In fact, I just looked at the Starving Artist thread mentioned in post #39, and there you are again, being disruptive right in that very thread, until a mod had to tell you to knock it off.

The poster I was alluding to previously (not SA, who had a different problem) was eventually banned, not so much for frequently breaking rules, but for being generally disruptive and annoying, seeming to relish arguing in bad faith and pushing the envelope as far as he could on the safe side of the rules. Don’t be that guy.

Are there any links? The past practice was that the mod would cite a few examples and then say that the poster was suspended. I agree with @DrDeth that he didn’t do anything wrong in the gun thread, but I don’t know what “alien” thread we are talking about–however he confessed error, so that’s one against him.

But what are these “many, many” threads? A few examples, maybe? Nothing personally against What_Exit, but I respectfully disagree with his/her moderation in most cases. We see it over and over again. Posters are here for 10, 15, 20 years with no problem and then they get warnings, suspensions, and bannings because of new and unstated rules.

“Off topic” posts seem pretty easy to control. Just a mild note to kick it back in the fairway. All threads drift and nobody is purposely trying to hijack things here unless they joined last month.

I despise the PIT and nothing good ever comes of it. In fact, I am reasonable sure that this sudden dislike of me by What_Exit is caused by the Pit thread.

It does not relieve tensions it just causes more of them.

It turned into a shitstorm, for which i completely agree I am partially, nay mostly at fault. mea culpa. I was egged on, but I should learn to ignore them. I was wrong, and What_Exit was completely right in shutting down that thread temporarily, and issuing some Notes. Heck, I wouldnt have been happy about a warning, but maybe deserved. But a suspension, out of the blue?

Yes, exactly. And you know what? When I read his post about the new rules, no more 'contrast and compare" i deleted the two posts I had just made so as to go along with that (even tho I thought he was wrong). My next post was about teen suicide- which What_Exit had specifically came in to say was now “on topic”. But for that, I got banned from the thread- for following What_exits rules.

I was, but it was my fault for responding as I did. I apologize for that. I could have just walked away. You gotta admit the other guy was egging me on. But again, my fault. I am sorry.

Yes, and I was told to stop it and threatened by What_Exit for doing so.

No, because it was my posts not me.

But I was out of line in that thread.

I gotta do no such thing. But you’ve made it clear that you’d rather play the victim than change your behavior, so I’m not gonna waste any more time on your thread.

Many posters have been acting like jerks for 10, 15 or 20 years. It’s not that there was no problem but that TPTB have finally listened to the posters here that have been complaining all that time. It’s not the new moderators, it’s the new moderation.

As to the subject of this thread, he’s doing himself no favors here but I didn’t expect anything otherwise. He’s demonstrating exactly why he’s probably not going to last much longer.

Ah, the don’t be a jerk rule. Or is it the don’t be a conservative or don’t advocate for gun rights rule? Or don’t support Trump or be against masks? Or better yet, redefine trolling to mean anyone who says anything you don’t like?

That seems to be the “new moderation.” If there was something substantive about these old posters that justify a banning/suspensions after all of these years, can you point to it, or would you at least be honest and say you just don’t want us around anymore? Can you even count the number of conservative posters you’ve either banned or run off? Is it just a coincidence that the “don’t be a jerk” rule has made this board largely a left wing echo chamber? Can you/anyone admit that is the result you want?

I checked out that thread.

First of all, I guess I owe What_Exit a apology. He never said anything bad out me there. OTOH, now I know where he got this weird idea that I am a horrible poster with some sort of “pattern”- form all the lies, half lies and innuendoes there. Anyone reading that would assume I am just the most horrible poster ever- except of course- people can & do lie in the Pit. And of course, he does post in that other MB where they live for nasty stuff about the members here. So he gets weird ideas about the members here, how bad we are.

And I do have a question: It is Ok to pit public persons, of course. It is Ok to pit posters. But it is Ok to spread lies and nasty shit about a posters relatives- his dead father? I distinctly remember someone getting in trouble once for saying nasty things about a posters kids. My dad was a veteran of WW2, buried in Veterans Cemetery. No big hero, he did his part. It is really Ok to say nasty shit about him? is that how low people have stooped? Ok, go ahead and make up lies about me- they worked. Congratulations! You got me suspended with those lies!

So Wolfpup, I guess I can thank you for asking me to check it out- I learned that some posters here are vile and loathsome online harassers. For that I will likely get warned. But attacking my father? That’s low.

So I see what is happening, a pattern of driving anyone out whose opinion differs from yours. PIT them, lie about them, and turn the staff against them.

Maybe it’s the “You don’t get to lower the bar everyone else has to rise to just because you wear a “conservative” badge” rule?

Then I’m sure you will agree with me that the “you hate brown people” arguments in every GD thread will be modded in the future?

You were suspended because you consistently derail threads. We don’t think that you are doing it intentionally, otherwise we would have banned you. But your disruptions are consistent enough that something needs to be done about it.

You keep blaming others, when you need to change your behavior. The fact that you refuse to even consider that you are the problem indicates to us that you are not likely to change, and that’s unfortunate. When we tell you that there is a problem, what we are looking for is for you to change the bad behavior. When a long-term poster gets banned, it is almost always because they have consistently refused to change the behavior that they have been moderated for.

Every time that you are moderated for anything at all, you are extremely consistent in that you refuse to acknowledge that you have an issue and you refuse to change your behavior. That’s not good.

I really hope at some point you will stop blaming others and start changing your behavior. Your posting privileges here may depend on it.

You would first need to show they exist. I haven’t seen them, so I suspect you are misunderstanding what is being argued.

Moderator Note

This has nothing at all to do with DrDeth’s suspension. Drop the hijack. This isn’t a thread for you to whine about your tired topic of moderator bias. Make it directly relatable to the topic at hand or take it elsewhere.

Never mind.

I never admit I am wrong, eh?