DrDeth's suspension

At least there IS moderation here. That’s the problem with some other boards-- there’s no check on people who take over and become obnoxious. Solid moderation is one of the things that makes this board so good (in addition to the brilliance of the posters, of course).

And the assorted nuts. :smiley:

And a few total dipsh*ts.

I was being self-deprecating, not sure about BBB.

Hey, I’ve only been on the job for almost 8 months. I wasn’t really aware of DrDeth before I was made a mod. I think this is an effort to avoid #4 on your list. Which will hopefully avoid #5.

The posters I considered problems when I was a poster, really aren’t as a mod. At least one of them I’ve talk to and he asked me about that and I said I took my job as a mod I had to be objective. We have no more problems.

I thought that was part of the Dopes tagline?

Dunno. Maybe that’s where I got it from.

I was definitely referring to myself, on both counts.

The problem with this so called “pattern of disruptive behavior” is that it is non existant. There is no such pattern.

What_Exit is basing this pattern on two threads- the first is a mild gun control debate where Czarcasm was the OP. I used the 'compare and contrast" method of debate, which What_Exit called “being off topic”. However, there is another thread in ATMB where a dozen or so well known Posters all disagreed with that idea, all saying that the “compare and contrast” method of debate is totally legit and has a long history of being used here in the SDMB and GD. In fact one of our more experienced moderators used that exact style of debate in that exact same thread- but oddly - he isnt being called 'disruptive" nor was he called out for it. Still, I and I alone was banned for that thread for being “off topic” even tho that style was used by a moderator, was used many times after I left that thread (without being moderated) and that a dozen or so well know regular posters here started a thread here in ATMB calling out What_Exit on his moderation. So example one of me being 'disruptive" is false.

Now then there is the aliens debate. I have to admit i was a little disruptive there. I came in trying to get the thread back on track to the Op but was attacked by two posters. Now, yes, I argued with them- too much I agree. mea culpa, I was wrong there, I got carried away. BUT, and this is critical- I wasnt arguing with myself. If I was being disruptive, so were they.

So the so-called “pattern” that What_Exit is so proud of telling everyone about consists of a single thread. I am not proud of my arguments there. But- one thread is not a 'pattern" hell- two threads isnt a “pattern” either.

Since we started this new system, I think I have had one warning? Could be two i guess.

I asked What_Exit to tell me what rules I violated and he had to fall back on “being a jerk”.

So this could happen to any of you regular posters here. Somehow, without even a warning, you are suspended for having a imaginary “pattern” of being disruptive, being singled out from a thread where the arguments got out of hand. Is that how we want to run this board?

Yeah, you may not like me, you may not agree with me on many issues, but you could be next.

At least one poster (@k9bfriender) is on record as staying out of gun-related threads due to your behavior in them.

Nice try but no cigar.

I’m going to leave this at this for now as I am going to go enjoy a walk.

DrDeth, it is far more than two threads. This was a long time coming and probably years overdue. Please take a real assessment of yourself as a poster.

Sure. They come up with the same old tired arguments, I reply with the same old tired replies.

And I am even in favor of mild gun control, gun control in line with the Constitution.

But people dont want compromise.

Then try not taking their bait. As said upthread:

Yes, many many threads, without a warning or even a note. suuuuure.

I notice that in that other ATMB thread the other posters asked you to take a assessment of your Modding. Did you do that? Did you agree that 'compare and contrast" is a legit debate technique here on the SDMB? A technique that has been used here for decades before you became a Mod? A technique used by another, more experienced Mod? or are you not going to take their advice to heart? You will continue with a new and unwritten rule?

Even if this were true, the mods think they see a pattern, so if you want to continue posting here, you should take note of it and adjust your posting habits accordingly.

You are correct sir. I did that in that aliens thread and I was wrong to do so. I screwed up in the heat of the moment.

Well, at least one does, and yes, “the perception is the reality”. But is that what we want? Is that the right way to run this board?

A Mod who has taken a personal dislike to me (maybe you are next?) decides, with no basis in fact, that I have a 'pattern"?

And all What-Exit had to do is PM me, or ask me "hey, dont post in that thread for a few days OK? " I would have complied. But instead of a request- which I am always happy to comply with- he went straight for a suspension.

How many warnings did Starving Artist get?

It’s at the bottom of every page, peeps.

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