Dream Analyzing

Ok, well, I had to go on about this somewhere cause I’m sure I’d have forgotten by tomorrow if I didn’t, so, sorry if this is the wrong place to share this sorta thing…

Every now and then I have dreams that stand out in my memory, infact theres a couple that remain in the back of my head from long ago with no particular reason to be there(usually) anyway, I had one, and while I’m not one to go into analyzing dreams, I feel, for whatever reason, that I ought to try with this one, my problem, I know nothing about the subject, so I wonder if anyone is particularly bored or interested then they can take a shot at it, here I go, um, I suppose…

Well from what I can remember it started with me writing something very short, infact, far too short to be logical, like, Hello(only), in a forum. My Signature, (this is what really stands out, because I don’t remember specifics usually) was this:
“Life is like a phone where everyone who calls is just a telemarketer, its our job to find out what they’re selling”
In quotes, just like that, and I don’t remember a name or anything like that afterwards, anyway, so after this the next thing I remember is going into a nondescript building and to a room with 3 guys on computers where for whatever reason someone had seen this exact same thread I’d posted and written it down, word for word(in multiple types of ink, so perhaps it was like a duplicate of the forum, written down by different people) and everything written in reply was about this signature/quote and there were pages, all I remember about the replys at this point was that several were about the use of the word ‘Telemarketer’ after this I walked slowly out of the room(more details I recall that maybe I wouldn’t normally, the computer screens all had what appeared to be a webcam window on them with a cat with large, very evil looking teeth in all green light, flashing very quickly between 3 or so frames over and over, that jumpy-shakey look) The rest of the dream proceeded to be me driving around the most confusing system of roads, basically a continuous stream of mergers of roads, and slowly I got further off the ground and woke up.

So, if anyone is still here, feel free to call me an idiot, or tell me what you think, or ask why I typed all that, I kinda just felt the need to get it written down .) heh thanks.

It’s obviously about sex.

Oh the freudian approach I see

Try and remember what objects stood out in your dream.

Then goto to this site and see what Jung argued they symbolized. Do you have any archetypes in your dream, etc.? By then it should be easier to come up with an explanation.

If the phone had a central role then:
Telephone - A symbol of communication. There may be a message waiting for you, or your dream could be telling you to listen to your intuition.

Is this helping?

Obviously you have a fear of getting a job as a telemarketer.

I’ll take a Crak,

First, I actually really like the sig. You should use it IRL. It says to me: Everyone comes in contact with many, many, many people in life. We tend to treat most as adversaries, or at best as brief annoyances. Precious few are taken into the inner circle as friends or confidances. It is our job to be open to everyone, to understand where they’re coming from, what they have to “sell”, what they can teach us. By opening yourself to people who you would normally ignore, you have the opportunity to open yourself to new ideas and experiences, broadening your horizons.

Maybe you’re thinking of this in terms of message boards because you’re new to the SDMB and recognize the opportunity to open yoursel to ideas from a huge community of interesting, new, and vastly diverse people.

The rest of the dream carries a great deal of anxiety around it. You’re sort of afraid of the computer - maybe afraid of the prospect of being so open to people? The system of roads - do you feel stuck in a rut? Do you need a change and it’s weighing on you? Maybe you’re feeling the need to get out of that rut, and when you began to get out you were no longer in your comfort zone and it cause you to wake up.

Or, it’s about sex.

On second look, I see that you’re not so new to the SDMB. I was going by your post count. Could it be that you’re thinking about posting more?