Dream Catcher

What do the parts of a Dream Catcher mean?
There are two tassels (one on each side)
A webbed center
A seashell in the middle
A Peacock feather on the side

I’m assuming this was created by the Indians?

Thanks for your help.

Dream catchers are found in the traditions of many tribes, including the Laktoa, Ojibwa, Pawnee, and Cree. The exact meaning of the different parts changes a bit from group to group.

Traditionally, the Lakota would hang a dream catcher over the bed. The web catches dreams. Beads, shells, and other decorative elements steer the good dreams down along the web, along the feathers, and into the mind of the sleeper. The bad dreams are filtered out, through the hole in the middle of the web. Among the Lakota, a spiritual person might choose to later examine the bad dreams “caught” in the web, because all dreams, good and bad, are messages from the spirit world. Since bad forces will try to confuse you by obscuring the messages in the bad dreams with tricks, exercise caution in interpreting the bad dreams.

There is some information at http://www.dreamers-world.com/legend.html

The site is a little New Age-y for my personal taste, but it does a pretty good job of giving examples of dream catcher legends from various tribes, and pointing out that there are many possible interpretations of the symbolism.

I’ll try to get back to you on this, I have a friend of a friend who is a native US indian (here in the UK) who seems to be an authority on such things-a slight understatment as he holds great sway in his own clan, I can’t go into detail without his permission.