Which Native American tribes use dream catchers?

And yes, I did plug “dream catcher” and “Native American” into Google.

Does anyone know which of the Native American tribes uses dream catchers (wooden frame with strings and feathers)? With which tribe did they originate? I thought I had heard that they did not exist in Native American spirituality or were not used until very recently, but I’m not sure of that.

I don’t know a lot about this subject, but since no one else has replied…

I have seen authentic dreamcatchers in a museum. As presented by this museum, they were/are an authentic part of the spirituality of <tribe(s) I don’t remember the name of>. It seems entirely plausable that, like totem poles and feathered headresses, they were prevalent to a specific area but have been overgeneralized by the general public to be an ‘Indian’ thing.

Ah, I tried a google search on ‘Dreamcatcher Tribe’ and found a site on Dreamcatchers.