Dreams are the darnedest things

So… there was this Japanese Holocaust museum theme park ride. Except that it was really an evil plot by the architect to kill and eat the customers at the end of the ride. But don’t worry, the bad guy was defeated by Harry Potter and Nanny Ogg, in the 7th HP book.

And the part that seemed strange to me at the time? It was how Nanny Ogg knew the title of the 6th Harry Potter book. You wouldn’t expect a character inside a book to know what the book was called, would you? That bit really threw me.

It’s about time for another dream thread.

I’m walking down a dark alley to get to the back door of my workplace (we don’t actually have a dark alley), and I am confronted by a huge bloodthirsty cassowary. What can I do? Where should I go? Fortunately, there’s a ten-foot chain link fence to my right, so I runn up it ninja style and then flee along the top, the diabolical bird in hot pursuit. Soon, though, I’m about to hit a dead end in the form of a brick wall, so I leap off, delivering a powerful kick square in the cassowary’s face.

Suddenly, everything is silent, and in slow motion the cassowary’s glasses (I didn’t notice it was wearing glasses!) fall to shatter on the pavement in a moment that brings to mind mad dogs and Atticus Finch. I look up, and it’s no longer the cassowary standing there but my lab partner Toni. Her glasses are gone, and her face is bleeding. I mutter a stunned apology and run away mortified.

Killer cassowaries? I know it m ust have been scary at the time, but that’s pure funny.

I am completely serious! Tell me that’s not terrifying!

So you weren’t thrown by the fact that Nanny Ogg and Harry Potter were somehow in the same book?
I like how in dreams the most mundane things (Looking for some lipstick for a girl so she can leave for work) can feel fantastic.

I basically dreamt that I was helping a beautiful girl look for some lipstick. She kept trying to use objects such as a kettle, a banister, to apply lipstick to her lips, until I found some and she applied it, and gave me an appreciative smile, and then went to work.

I had been depressed for a while. I lay down on a Sunday afternoon to nap. I had a very vivid dream. I was 8 or 9 and I was walking home from school. I stopped to turn rocks over and catch salamanders. The rustle of fall leaves under my shoes was very comforting. I went in the back door, yelled I’m Home to my mom and then I woke up.

The weird thing was, there I was, tears pouring from my eyes. But instead of feeling sad, I suddenly felt at peace. I felt good for the first time in weeks. The tears flowed for about 10-15 minutes.

I could use one of those dreams now.

I was sorta under the impression that they were from different series written by the same author. I dunno which author I was thinking of- Terry Rowling? J. K. Pratchett? None of the above?

Okay, okay! It’s terrifiying! And “Bloodthirsty Cassowary” would be a great band name!

I seem to have Harry Potter on the brain. My dream last night starred Severus Snape- and the Order of the Stick.

I’m currently about 5 months pregnant. This is actually true, not part of the dream.

In my dream, I went into labor. I called my doctor and calmly told him that I would not be coming to the hospital. I would be having the baby at home. Both the doctor and my husband were begging me to go to the hospital so they could be ready if anything went wrong, but I was dead set on having the baby at home. I hung up on my doctor, and kicked my husband out the house, since he was still insisting I go the hospital. I told my husband I would call him after the baby was born. Then I settled down on the bed to get ready to give birth to my baby. Alone, in an empty house. I was completely calm and certain that I could do this on my own without any problems or complications. I woke up before the actual birth.

I’m not exactly certain what the setting of my dream last night was – I seem to recall barbecue with friends, probably because that’s what I did the night before that --, but I recall that it featured what sounded like a little boy, crying and singing somewhere out in the dark, slowly coming closer. I woke up nearly paralysed with fear; it took me a moment to be able to move and switch on the light.

Part of a dream I had about a week ago involved a party my family was having, fourth of July or Christmas or something. My aunt was there and said what a nice new years party it had. Then she realized she couldn’t remember what holiday it was and started crying.

I talked to my mom yesterday and asked how my aunt was and told her about the dream. She said that aunt was ok but my great aunt had just been having some issues. (she broke both hips at different times in the last 5 months). She also had some mental issues arise and had mentioned being at a new years party even though she was in the hospital. That was rather strange.

The most recent dream I can remember kept cutting between two different scenes. One was me arguing/negotiating with a roommate don’t have in an apartment I have never lived in while Little House on the Prairie played unwatched on the TV.

Then the dream would cut to a live version of the LHotP show. There had been an explosion at the mill where Pa worked with the neighbor fella. Apparently most of the family had been visiting, because there were injured survivors and bodies both in the mill and blown into the creek.

Back and forth. The discussion with the roommate was very low key, especially compared to the carnage of the other scenes.