Dreamweaver 4

ok, I’m in DW4, trying to make a form to fit in an iframe without the user having to scroll left to right.
I’m using a layour table and talthough it looks perfect in DW, when i upload it onto the net and look at it, its 4 inches longer (…the form) my question is: WHY?! and how do I get it to stay how it looks in DW?

Want a real change, open the form in a different browser. Try Netscape 4.7 instead of IE or try Netscape 6. The form is using the browser’s default form objects - and when it is displaying in dreamweaver it is using dreamweaver’s form objects.
If you are trying to get the form to look perfect in IE and forgetting about possible problems in Netscape - try CSS (Cascading style sheets). Forget about how it looks in Dreamweaver and just evaluate the look in your target browsers.

Here is one of my favorites for a nice looking text area
<textarea name=“whatsnew” id=“whatsnew” style=“width:100%; height:200”></textarea>

Here’s another style I use from time to time:
.smallersearch {
font-size: 10px;
color: #FFFFFF;
background-color: #990000;

It may help.

Even with CSS your fields might not look the way you want them to. Try also giving them a size in CSS rather than a size in HTML, that might help.

Here’s a great article form Webmonkey that compares how different browsers render form elements. This can help you determine how you can make your forms fit into your page no matter what browser.