Dreamweaver and Loading Database Schema delays

When working on some websites (but not all), Dreamweaver grinds to a frustrating halt. Either a “loading database schema” timer-box pops up, or the mouse curser turns to an hourglass for two to three seconds. The time between the delays is miniscule—perhaps ten seconds goes by without the hourglass showing up. Nothing times out; it just hesitates.

I have no idea where to find a solution or how to stop it from loading the database schema every ten seconds. I’ve clicked the “connect to the remote host” button and worked exclusively from local files, but to no avail. Any suggestions?

Oh, I’m using Dreamweaver MX 7.0, a WinXP pro box, cable internet connection, a Network Solutions shared hosting package, and am writing in PHP and MySQL.



I have the time to bump this because Dreamweaver is so &%$# slow!