Dressing for an interview in the Spings

I’m moving to Colorado Spings. I have heard the they don’t like “outsiders” and I’m starting to believe it.

A little background. I’ve applied for numerous teaching jobs (over 20).
Fully certified in Colorado in math and special education
I have over a decade of experience teaching math.
2 years as a math coach
BA and MS in math, MA in special ed, completing an Ed.D. in math education
Working on my national boards in math. I find out my scores in November
This will be my second interview (I didn’t get the first job) and both are for special ed, not math.
I went to a job fair and the districts are a bit informal. Some districts actually left at lunch leaving those with afternoon interviews hanging.

I was thinking of wearing a medium grey single breasted suit but I’m wondering if maybe slacks and a tie (no jacket) may actually work better since it would be a bit more casual. Are there any other ideas for how I don’t come across (either through a cover letter or email) that I’m not seen as the big-city guy (Los Angeles via Phoenix) to get more interviews? I know there’s a lot of teachers looking for jobs and very few jobs, but I find it hard to believe that with my background that I can’t even get a callback for an interview.

Good thing you aren’t teaching English. :wink:

Maybe Spingears will know…

You can’t go wrong with a nice, sping-weight wool.

. . . especially outsiders who refer to them as “the Spings.”

Well, I don’t know the local area, but let me see if I can say something constructive.

In general, it’s best to dress appropriately and respectfully, but not to out-dress your interviewer. You should make your best guesstimate of what the interviewer will wear, and dress accordingly, if perhaps a bit more conservatively. (i.e. don’t wear the kelly green jacket just because you’ve heard she has one.)